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Nakano Sun Mall will greet 2020 a little earlier

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After Christmas, the city will change overnight. Nakano Sun Mall Acade, the gateway to Nakano, is no exception. At this time, you can see the New Year's greeting a little earlier.

Nakano Sun Mall

Next year's zodiac, the rat is greeting the New Year. It is a memorial year in 2020. The large tapestry pattern reminds me of the Tokyo Olympics logo somewhere.

And in the arcade, illuminations are also displayed following Christmas.

Nakano Sun Mall

It was Sun Mall, but the stars were shimmering.

Burger King coming soon at Nakano Station South Exit

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Burger King seems to be available at the south exit of JR Nakano Station.

The appearance is already made.

Burger King

The place exits JR Nakano Station South Exit and goes to the right. Next to the Sports Club Tipness building.

And there was an open notice on the window. Burger King Nakano South Entrance will open on Thursday, December 12 at 10:00 AM.

Burger King

Nakano has many delicious ramen shops and tsukemen shops, but I think it's actually a hamburger fierce battlefield.

In addition to McDonald's, there is Lotteria. And there are both moss burgers and freshness burgers.

There, Burger King is participating. I'm looking forward to the opening.

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