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I got ramen at a ramen Kaeru, but I tried to increase toppings after a long time. Vegetables.


Vegetable toppings are large. Garlic has a good afternoon job. With that in mind, the only thing I always ask for is onions. Occasionally, when I want a fresh egg or sweetness, I sometimes ask for fat.

On the other hand, I go to the favorite ramen shop regularly, but I have no memory of vegetable toppings. However, I decided to make a request. To put it simply, it's all except garlic.


I understand, but it is three-dimensional. This is a kind of vegetable topping. The surface of the bowl is completely covered and the noodles are not visible.

Well, how to eat. I thought for a moment, but first, I'm going to eat vegetables to get to the noodles. While eating, I consciously tried to eat vertically. As a result of eating, it was well understood that vegetables were piled neatly without gaps. Large, without gaps, not crumble. It is wonderful.


Even after the noodles are visible, the volume of the vegetables is still the same. This time with the noodles. To my sensation, ramen and bean sprouts carried about half the volume.

Kaeru's char siu is soft and has a good balance of lean and fat. It can be cut with chopsticks, and matches the texture with noodles and vegetables.

If you want to change the taste as you continue eating, adjust with black pepper, ichimi pepper and sauce on the counter. Furthermore, we put raw egg in bowl and eat like tsukemen style. I like to eat while arranging. Finally, we added vinegar and tightened it.

In Kaeru, rice is no longer a free topping, but seems to have been paid. A guide was stuck at the ticket vending machine. It was 50 yen.

Shop info:5-56-12 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,Open AM11:00-PM3:00,PM6:00-PM11:00,Closed Sunday

JR East Gundam Stamp Rally begins

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JR East Gundam Stamp Rally has started. From January 9 (Thu) to February 27 (Thu) 2020. This title is Mobile Suit Gundam Stamp Rally.

JR East Gundam Stamp Rally

A stamp is also installed at JR Nakano Station.

The location is the south exit. It is the opposite side of Nakano Sun Mall Acade and Nakano Broadway. Exit the ticket gate and it is on the right.


The stamp of Nakano station that I was worried about was Hi-Zac. Not Zaku. This is Hi-Zac. To be honest, it's subtle.

And captions. This is the line of a bad guy.

However, after seeing the message from Nakano Station under the poster, I changed my mind. It seems that the aim unique to Nakano Station was hidden there.

During the period, if you go to the south exit, you are likely to turn your eyes.

Nakano Broadway for New Year 2020

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New year, 2020 has begun. In the city of Nakano, it has a New Year's atmosphere. Among them, Nakano Broadway is decorated with fine kadomatsu every year.

The front entrance, of course, has many people walking, and it is difficult to capture photos. So I headed for the north exit.

Nakano Broadway for New Year 2020

There were many red decorations and darumas in the hall. It is news of picture letter. Congratulations on color and arrangement.

And there was Kadomatsu at the north exit.

Nakano Broadway for New Year 2020

This year has begun again this year through the entrance decorated with Kadomatsu (in this case, the exit).

What do foreign tourists think of this Kadomatsu? be interested.

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