JR East Gundam Stamp Rally begins

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JR East Gundam Stamp Rally has started. From January 9 (Thu) to February 27 (Thu) 2020. This title is Mobile Suit Gundam Stamp Rally.

JR East Gundam Stamp Rally

A stamp is also installed at JR Nakano Station.

The location is the south exit. It is the opposite side of Nakano Sun Mall Acade and Nakano Broadway. Exit the ticket gate and it is on the right.


The stamp of Nakano station that I was worried about was Hi-Zac. Not Zaku. This is Hi-Zac. To be honest, it's subtle.

And captions. This is the line of a bad guy.

However, after seeing the message from Nakano Station under the poster, I changed my mind. It seems that the aim unique to Nakano Station was hidden there.

During the period, if you go to the south exit, you are likely to turn your eyes.

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