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February 19, 2020 is closed on Nakano Broadway

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At this time, a sign that can be seen every year appears on the first floor of Nakano Broadway. Notice of closed days. I think twice a year. It is a sign that comes out regularly.

 Nakano Broadway

February 19, 2020 is a closed day on Nakano Broadway and you will not be able to enter Nakano Broadway.

Beware of those who pass through Nakano Broadway on a daily basis. On this day, the shutter is closed and I can't enter Nakano Broadway at all. Naturally, all tenants will be closed.

February 19, 2020 is closed on Nakano Broadway

The south entrance is open, but the shutter is closed in the back, so you will turn back when you enter. Please be careful.

I went to Nakau at the south exit of JR Nakano Station. Nakau offers a discounted lunch set menu. Udon and bowl set from 500 yen. You can choose from beef bowl to katsudon, and not curry but also curry. All udon is "Hai-kara-udon".

Nakau Nakano South Entrance

I ordered a set of Japanese-style beef bowl and high-colored udon that seems to be the most orthodox. Since it is a discount, we added soft-boiled eggs for that amount.

What is Hai-kara-udon? I thought it was a tanuki udon. Tenkasu is included.

Japanese-style beef bowl and udon

Tenkasu is contained, but the soup is already transparent. Dashi is effective in Kyoto style. It has a light taste and a good taste. Simple and delicious udon. It's different from the soy sauce that you can eat at the platform at Nakano Station or at the soba noodle shop at the north exit.


Because the udon is light, the taste of gyudon is a bit deep. If udon is the taste of dashi, Japanese-style beef bowl has complex sweetness. The sweetness of green onion, the flavor of mirin, or sweet. Break in the soft-boiled egg on the way, add the flavor of yolk and continue eating.

If you look at the menu, it is a set of beef bowl and udon, but the seasoning is different from other shops. It was delicious.

Shop info:3-33-3 Nakano Nakano Ward, Open 24H

In 2020, miso had begun at Taishoken

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Miso had begun at Taishoken Nakano, located at the south exit of JR Nakano Station. I do not know when, but there was a sign on the sign outside the shop. It is said that he has started miso tsukesoba and miso ramen.


Generally called tsukemen, it is the birthplace. The term "Tsukesoba" is the Taishoken style.

I feel like miso tsukesoba and miso ramen appear every year from autumn to winter. It should have passed in front of the store several times, but did not notice the sign.

miso had begun at Taishoken

If you look closely, you can also see the character of New Year's Soba. It seems that the miso series is more prominent from the position of the poster, but it seems that at least the end of the year was announced because of the New Year's Soba.

There are other important information, but we will look at the image.

Shop info:3-33-13 Nakan Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3384-9234,AM11:00-PM3:00,PM6:00-PM11:00,Closed Sunday

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