Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer 2020

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Every year, Koinobori has appeared in Nakano Sun Mall Arcade again this year.

Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer 2020

This is the Aerial Aquarium 2020. Spectacular, pulling down on the arcade roof reveals many carp streamers swimming.

There are carp streamers designed by local elementary school students, and if you look closely, you can see that the bills are stamped like a scale.

Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer

It seems that I am thinking about the design, and there is no one same carp in the natural world. There was also an explanation of which school created it.

Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer 2020

The carp streamer is always displayed inside the Nakano Sun Mall. It was lively until Nakano Broadway.

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