A set meal of fried food at a lunch of seafood sake shop Shokuraku

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A seafood sake restaurant Shokuraku, ( 5-56-14 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo ) at Nakano Ramen Street is serving lunch. It was. There was a signboard.

Since the name of the shop is Kaisen Sabo(seafood and Japanese sake), there is a lineup of sashimi and fish set meals. There were also meat and fried food.

seafood sake shop Shokuraku

I think this shop didn't have lunch. It's a big deal, so I tried it.

I ordered a fried food set meal. A set meal of creamy croquette, menth and fried chicken. Fish will be another chance ... The set meal comes with miso soup and mini chawanmushi. First, tea and mini chawanmushi came out.

I just sat at the counter so I could see the fried croquettes. The shop was showing his back and was fried carefully. It seems that it is fried each time, rather than being made in advance.


The food was in a lunch box. At first glance, I felt that there were few vegetables, but there are many pickles in the foreground. The pickled onions were nice and the sweet vinegar was good, so it was delicious. Pickled tomatoes were petit tomatoes. The sourness was condensed.

And, the main fried food is fresh in a good sense. The surface is also crispy, well-greased and light. The meat of the cream and minced meat had a strong taste, and it was delicious enough to eat as it was. Other miso soup left an impression on me.


The taste of the ingredients stood out, not to mention the soup. The seaweed, deep-fried tofu, and tofu have different flavors. I didn't lose to the miso. When miso soup is delicious, the deliciousness of the meal is enhanced.

★ Store information: 5-56-14 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo , 03-3385-3320, Mon-Sat 17: 00-3: 00 the following day, Sundays and holidays 14: 30-2: 00 the next day, no holidays

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