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When walking in the city of Nakano, I feel that there are few people. It doesn't mean that no one is there, but there aren't many people because it's something you usually know. The shop is also closed. And I feel extraordinary in my daily life, such as shops that do not usually have lunch, and shop assistants call in.

Nakano Broadway

Nakano Broadway was the same. People are walking because the first floor is also a passage, but when you go upstairs, the people are sparse. The shutters are closed, and there is the atmosphere of Nakano Broadway, where many shops are closed on Wednesdays.


Mandarake was also closed. Looking at the pop, it was said that some stores were closed.


Looking at the website, it is said that some stores are closed while complying with the requests from the country.

It's a stay-home Golden Week, so I'm sure we're taking measures that can be taken.

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