Nakano Broadway in February 2021 when the entire building is closed

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It is an annual holiday for the entire Nakano Broadway. Literally the day Broadway closes.

It seems that it will close at midnight, but as a person in Nakano during the day, it is hard to see such a landscape.

Nakano Broadway is closed on all days

Not only are the shops closed, but you can't go through them as an aisle. The entrance to Seiyu is also closed. It's rare to see this entrance closed.

Nakano Broadway is closed on all days

I passed in front of the front door. As always, the lights are off, but the entrance looks like it's open, so it's an illusion that you're doing it. But it's dark, so I don't have the courage to go inside. It's open, so I don't think you'll get angry.

Tomorrow, the lively Nakano Broadway will be back again.

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