Nakano's COCO'S becomes Shin Evangelion Movie version specification

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I was traveling on Waseda-dori and passed in front of Coco's, a family restaurant. It had a strange decoration, so I took a detour to see it.

Shin Evangelion Movie

You're doing the Shin Evangelion Movie version fair that you saw at Nakau at the south exit of Nakano Station.

The Coco's Nakano store sometimes runs such campaigns. Located at the corner of the intersection, two sides face the street, so there are many places to decorate banners and banners.

Shin Evangelion Movie

At the banner, the characters were lined up.

At the entrance, the first Evangelion machine welcomes you. I'm a little scared.

Shin Evangelion Movie

Looking at Coco's homepage, it is said that the second edition is currently being held, and that you can eat the first hamburger plate at Coco's. That's why there was Evangelion at the entrance. The campaign will run until April 20, 2021 (Tuesday). It's a little more time.

★ Store information: Oakville Nakano 1F, 6-32-10 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo , 03-5348-0728, 7:00 -Midnight 2:00 (Business hours may change to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections)

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