Orient spaghetti's tarako, squid and natto (large serving)

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I had lunch pasta at Orient Spaghetti on Yakushi AI Road. These are tarako, squid and natto.

Orient Spaghetti is a famous restaurant where you can eat seasonal menus, today's lunch pasta, and various variations of pasta. There are various menus such as those using seasonal ingredients and unusual pasta. Under such circumstances, it is a pasta that exists as a regular menu and makes you want to eat it regularly.

I also recommend it to other people. To be honest, when you first hear the story, everyone has an exquisite look. However, if you don't like natto, squid, and squid, please give it a try. As a result, I have never recommended it and received a negative evaluation. I don't think it's a flattery, but ...


Lunch can be served for free, so I asked for it. I used iced coffee as my lunch drink. Please tell us the timing before and after meals. I asked before meals.

The pasta has already been mixed well by the clerk. Therefore, tarako, squid and natto are well mixed. I carefully served the pasta with a fork so that the seaweed would not harden into one.

Orient spaghetti's tarako, squid and natto (large serving)

Many pastas, such as tomatoes and garlic, have a strong taste claim, but this is not the case. The three ingredients are mixed to create a complex and indescribable taste. The taste is fluffy, the taste is light, and the taste of natto is salty, but it also has the flavor of butter. It's delicious, but it's a difficult taste to explain.

Also, as usual, the number of seats was reduced due to infectious disease countermeasures, and alcohol disinfection of tables etc. was perfect.

★ Store information: 1-23-22 Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo , 03-3387-1445, 11:30 -23: 00, closed on Mondays

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