Yakiniku Like is coming to Nakano Sun Mall!

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At the end of the Nakano Sun Mall Arcade, the shutter that had been closed for a long time was slightly open, and there was some construction going on.

This is where the Gyoza Izakaya used to be. I went there several times, not only for the gyoza, but also for the extensive lunch menu.

Due to the new coronavirus, the restaurant was closed and eventually closed down for a while. While new stores were opening in other places in the busy Nakano Sun Mall, this place remained closed.

Yakiniku Like

The new restaurant to open in such a place is said to be Yakiniku Like. There is a poster.

You can also see the equipment through the gaps in the shutters, parts of which look like ventilation fans.

Yakiniku Like is a restaurant where you can eat yakiniku by yourself, and since you can easily go in by yourself, you will have more options for lunch.

Yakiniku Like

I'm looking forward to its opening.

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