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Take a walk through Nakano Broadway and you will be on the street. Walk across the end of the signal to Shinjuku, there was a subway. In the morning, for lunch, when I was hungry I raised a sandwich, but I closed it.


Another store was preparing to open the store at the site, but the opening date was decided, and a message was issued in the window. It will be open at noon on Sunday, May 12, 2019.

The new shop is "Oishi Kemuri" meaning Delicious Smoke. It will be a freshly baked and smoked shop.


As before, there are also pops that carefully explain the concept of the store. In addition, it seems to have opened Twitter.

t's a bit far from Nakano Station, but it's a fun new bakery.

Shop info:1-9-3 Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo

It appeared Bonjour Bon in Nakano Marui

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In front of the shops of Nakano Marui, there was a guide. It is the introduction of came as a new tenant shop.

According to the report, is that of the Bonjour Bonn bakery appeared on the first floor. It has already been written, but "Nakano north exit of the popular shops, join the Nakano Marui" is. The Marui, with the exception of special events, but I is not much impression that the food products they sell, it does not seem to be the case.

It appeared Bonjour Bon in Nakano Marui

Nearby JR Nakano Station south exit, there is also a Premier Saint-Germain. Nakano Station south exit direction, bread circumstances is substantial.

The Saint-Germain, there is a curry bread of Gold Award

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Near the south exit of Nakano Station, bakery Premier Saint-Germain had put a sign in the over-the-counter. Curry bread of chef, is that of the was awarded the gold medal. congratulations.

The Saint-Germain, there is a curry bread of Gold Award

The award-winning, the first Annual Meeting of the Japanese curry bread Association sponsored, curry bread Grand Prix, that of the Great East Japan fried curry department.

Shone into primary champion of the prestigious. Nakano of a bakery, you can buy it in Japan of curry bread.

Shop information:3-36-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3383-3251,8:30-22:00

Bonjour Bon's Ham-Katsu-sand

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I, located in the Nakano Sun mall arcade, I bought a bread in the Bonjour Bon. Ham Katsusando. Bonjour Bon, in the back of the cash register, the workshop can be seen.

You can see how the clerk is working. They make the bread, baked, are side by side on the shelf.In this bread shop, from sweet bread with cream and chocolate, you can buy a variety of bread from the popular curry bread.

In such bread, it is the ham Katsusando saw eating this time. Because we have been featured in over-the-counter sign. If no apparent signs, was the kind of bread that does not rise to the quite choice.

onjour Bon's Ham-Katsu-sand

When I took the film, the source and the bread, and the smell of fried food. It smells appetizing. Looking to eat, contrary to expectation, ham is soft. First be a little Karitto the texture of clothing, I feel the texture of the ham, the taste is modest. It is easily together with the fluffy bread with shredded cabbage.

Ham Katsu sand is, in general, is a bread that hearty, there is meet to eat.But, this bread was easy to eat.

Shop info:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano-ku,03-5345-6260,Website of Bonjour-Bon(Japanese)

Bakery in the Nakano Sun Mall, Sunmerrys is closed

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Bakery that had been operating in the Nakano Sun mall arcade, the lights of Sunmerrys was gone. First floor also, the second floor also, does not have a lighting. And at the entrance there was a poster.

When you more to it, it is that of to have closed.

Bakery in the Nakano Sun Mall, Sunmerrys is closed

It was Sunmerrys bread, Speaking in San mall shopping street. Or, it was Bonjour Bon. It was the two stores. Or there is fun to collect the seal, to be or have been a fair in a variety of menu, so had a quite such feeling is not open until a little before, I was surprised.

Shop information:5-61-7 nakano Nakano Ward

Nakano Station, the door had appeared a short while ago. The Kinokuniya bakery door to one. It was the BECK'S COFFEE in the door of the other. Shops in the two opening in preparation, also JR Nakano Station, Station Naka is an appearance.


After exiting the ticket gate, I was through the underpass. Smell good wheat, such as baking bread is now.

There is also a café recently, and can drink a coffee at a convenience store in fast food, you can buy or bread, but it seems to be to be able to buy at the station.

Homemade potato-egg sandwich of Bonjour Bon

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Approximately, in the middle of the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, bakery that use natural yeast, I bought a snack at Bonjour Bonn. Homemade potato-egg sandwich is (399 Yen).

Homemade potato-egg sandwich of Bonjour Bon

Probably because of whole grain bread, it was a crunch, it was some texture in the eating.

Potato salad was seasoned with the punch sour worked somewhat. Will there be a twist to the mayonnaise.

The other hand, egg sandwich is very smooth. Texture of the ham was standing. When you say egg sandwich, and it is supposed that the rich yolk and white rough iota is in a pasty like a lot, but the way of approach is interesting.

I feel pride in the place you write a "homemade".

Shop information:5-59-8 nakano nakano ward,03-5345-6260,Website of shop(Japanese)

Sunmerry's Sausage roll

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Bakery in Nakano Sun Mall arcade,Sanmerry, I bought the bread.

It is a sausage roll (180 Yen).

Sunmerry's Sausage roll

In earnest, skin is crisp, sausages are out of the bread, and so coarse ground meat was good. At first I felt a spicy seasoning that comes in a sausage eating, taste of ketchup and cheese when I joined and proceed to eat.

Return to the simple taste of sausage and bread also, and last. Such a change in taste is interesting, it was bread Spicy impressed.

Shop information:5-61-7 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-2782,Mon-Fri7:30-21:00,Sat,Sun,Holiday8:30-21:00,Open everyday

Crab cream croquette bread @ SUNMERRY'S Bread Shop

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I bought a crab cream croquette bread in the bakery to bake bread SUNMERRY's of Nakano Sun Mall arcade, in stone oven. Is 230 Yen.

At first I tried to buy a variety of bread, and so sweet a little that has been introduced, such as shop windows, and fell in love with while you are hunting for bread in the store, I ended up buying.

Crab cream croquette bread @ SUNMERRY'S Bread Shop

Or because the time has not passed so after baked, no bread, and croquettes, flavor was rich. Aroma of bread wheat is plump. Some of the clothes that are sandwiched croquette fragrant, creamy cream was contained. When eaten, the flavor of the crab. As it has a cream sauce hung like the flavor of crab and cream will continue to occupy your mouth. Cabbage and a little bit sour Shakkiri difference and has been a source of accent.

It may be rude to say surprisingly, seem bread, bread was a deli that texture seems to crab cream croquette was doubling the taste.

Shop information:5-61-7 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-3387-2782,Mon-Fri7:30-21:00,Sat&Sun&Holidays8:30-21:00,Open everyday

Bonjour Bon's croquette bread

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I bought earlier, croquette bread at bonjour Bon. About the middle of Nakano Sunmall arcade, Bonjourbon Bakery, but I use natural yeast bread sells a variety of side dishes, I eat the bread of the royal road croquette pan.

Bonjour Bon's croquette bread

I feel crisp acidity that is the source first. Has been generously applied to the croquettes. Croquettes, but just what has been borrowed Innovation surface moist and soft overall. If potatoes are smooth and finely pureed, texture and the bread was a match.

Bonjour Bonn bread has the taste and texture and claims rather. But how different bread, probably because we are standing the source, but there was a sense of unity Croquette bread and bread ingredients.

Shop information:5-59-8 nakano Nakano ward,03-5345-6260.Website of Bonjour Bon

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