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I saw it on Wednesday. After entering Nakano Broadway, there was a factory direct sales noodle market at the fairground on the right. Manufactured noodle shop called Taisei food, which supplies noodles to many famous ramen shops, was selling direct. The picture of the direct sales place is at that time.

factory direct sales noodle market

And today I went to buy. I also thought about when I used it before, but somewhere else in this direct shop, sale is different depending on the day. Even though I decided to go to buy ramen, a trap has been set up that udon is a discount, so both are bought. Friday was really ... ... the pasta was on sale.

And another trap in this noodle market is basically three meals. In other words, you will want to buy soup ingredients if you are ramen, and pasta sauces if you are pasta. Because there is a kind, I am lost.

Get pasta & sauce at Nakano Broadway

Tagliatelle of raw pasta I bought this time. I also bought three sauces. I immediately boiled and applied crab's tomato sauce. The dusty pasta is delicious, as well as the sauce is authentic. I have a flavor of soup taken with shells, and I have a body. It was easy to eat luxurious pasta. I am looking forward to two meals.

It makes me feel strange that Nakano Broadway can buy such food.

Tenya Nakano shop, all-star tempura bowl was discount

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We bought a box lunch at Tenya, the Tenpura shop. It is a lunch box for the bowl. I bought it at Tenya, located in the north entrance of Nakano station. I bought all-star bowls. Shrimp, squid, scallops etc. It was a lunch box for the rice-bowl with lots of tempura that everyone likes.

all-star tempura bowl

There are reasons for this menu. It was a discount. This all - star bowl of rice which was recommended to the clerk, it was 200 yen discount. I looked it up on the Internet later, apparently it seems to be a unique campaign for the store. It seemed not to mention saying all the stores.

Tendon bowl of this volume is ? 550 with a 200 yen discount. It was profitable. It is unknown when or when it will be, but the way of these campaigns seems to encourage visits.

Shop informaiton:5-65-6 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-6886

Sato Meatshop's Katsudon Bento Ver.2016

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After a long time to, to prepare a lunch box. Katsudon Bento,Sato butcher shop,pork cutlet on rice lunch.

Sato butcher shop is located in the Ai Yakushi Road. From Nakano Station away, but as there is such as Orient spaghetti and the famous candy shop of Papabubure. Lunch is also a long time even to get lunch Sato butcher shop.

Sato Meatshop's Katsudon Bento Ver.2016

If it is also the skill to provide the same thing, is also the technique of going to change according to the bandwagon. 2016 version, feeling that fin and a rather. Fat is small, lean is not a firm, we feel a moderate eating meet than the softness.

And cut the onion to win has been paved, I felt a little large. Egg, onion, and a pork cutlet, and even intermingled also soup, is a pork cutlet on rice that standing is sweetness.

While cut small with chopsticks, was Hobari cutlet, onion, mouth full of rice together with the egg.

Shop information:1-15-9 Arai Nakano Ward,03-3386-3407,8:00-20:00,Closed Sunday & Holiday

Neapolitan of Hayashiya Nakano shop

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It is between Nakano ramen Street and white line Street, ate the Neapolitan in Hayashiya Nakano shop. Amount of pasta to choose from, but it was a hope in the usual amount this time.

Neapolitan comes with soup. Encased in a container of aluminum, it is a little nostalgic feel. And sausage that has been cut in large, green peppers will attract the eye.

Neapolitan of Hayashiya Nakano shop

Taste is the orthodox taste. Little of the spicy ketchup, tomato sauce, coupled, here also plenty of entangled in a little loosen such pasta. It has come out words such as little or loosen, but it is not you're never a criticism. There is a thing that everyone has to eat, is a nostalgic taste.

Grated cheese and Tabasco to get out to the clerk is also the point. Sprinkle in the amount of taste, and re-seasoned in Neapolitan of my own.

Retro shop logo, provides a Neapolitan no doubt, was the shop.

Shop information:5-55-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-6446,11:30-22:00,Rest of Irregular

In the take-away, I ate a sandwich of Subway. It is the one that has raised the newly opened a while ago, at the north entrance Nakano Subway shop. Menu is herb sausage.

Herb sausage sandwich Subway Nakano north exit shop

Seasoning is in basil sauce, taste and aroma of herbs spreads in the mouth double sausage and herbs. There is also because of that, you are eating a sausage, but there is also a flavor such as salad, it is a strange feeling.

Plenty of vegetables is also crisp course. As you proceed to eat, as it would extend beyond the bread. You spread the taste of Gabatsu and peppers onion and tomatoes followed by sausage.

Vivid face of Subway, presence of vegetables was a great sandwich.

Shop information:1-9-3 Arai Nakano Ward,03-5942-5516,8:00-21:00

Umemoto's Mentaiko-Onigiri(spicy cod roe Rice ball)

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In the Nakano Sun Mall, plum sources of soba shop. It is a shop of style to buy a meal ticket at the ticket vending machine, and place an order, that eating udon and soba sitting on the counter. Rice ball and is also sold over the counter. I obtained.

Came at hand, rice balls of "Mentaiko" ,spicy cod roe. But, by increasing the rice ball to be able to buy at a convenience store, indistinguishable in appearance at all. Seal is put on the back of the container, but I do not know if there is it.

Umemoto's Mentaiko-Onigiri(spicy cod roe Rice ball)

The smell of seaweed was spread when you open the package. When I eat, and laver moist and the taste of cod roe and rice, spreads in the mouth this time.

Bread is good, but when I want to eat rice easily, in addition to supermarkets and convenience stores, there are a variety of choices is a thing welcome.

Shop information:5-61-7 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1246

I made a long time ago, in the mall Yakushi Ai Road, in the butcher shop Sato, I had come to buy your lunch. This time around the popular fried chicken lunch. This shop has so many volumes, I had to half the amount of rice, though. Is 490 Yen.

I was appalled when it is out of the bag. Lid is not closed. I try to solve the wrapping paper, and further surprised. On top of the rice, fried is past. Although the amount of rice is a half, half feeling at all I will not. Volume of side dishes have been highlighted rather, I seem to increasingly large portion.

Fried chicken lunch box, half rice @ Sato Meat Shop

It is such a deep-fried, the taste was delicious things stable as usual. If you are changing suddenly and I, until crispy skin. No, it is crunchy. Did you bring me a freshly prepared immediately, I thoroughly enjoyed the fried chicken warm.

Shop information:1-15-9 Arai Nakano Ward,03-3386-3407,8:00-20:00,Closed Sunday & holiday

Hatsune Miku's leek salty fried noodles

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Introduce can buy has a collaboration with Hatsune Miku Vocaloid, Family Mart convenience store, a salty fried noodles of Hatsune Miku.

I brought this to the cashier only packages that have been deformed Miku cute much longer I want to compliment yourself on your own. Absolutely no mistake.

Hatsune Miku's leek salty fried noodles

When it comes to contents, leek and like in the picture of the package of sliced ??bright green, green onion that has been cut into little white dazzling view came in a lot. Double green onion, are plenty.

How to make the point, would spice bags that are printed in blue. It contains the source, and other red-letter condiments, these two put into hot water after cutting. In other words, only the spice of blue, it is placed in a package before you turn on the hot water.

I'm no longer "Dapaa", have cut high performance singing the way hot water.

When it comes to taste, it is quite. Spicy salt and sweetness is intertwined with noodles evenly, I feel rich in mineral taste while It's plain. Sufficient presence of two types of green onion as well, and added that the pain is different from the source while the crisp salt too.

I had been told I was eating in a separate room, "the smell of fried noodles cup to" and. Such as schools and workplaces must be careful when you.

Shop information:4-2-1 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5345-5031

Lunch bento shop facing the Nakano street , Croquette Saigou-tei, I had lunch at the store I bought. Lunch is grilled chicken and hamburger (650 Yen).

I made ??the request has continued to work a little tough, and I want to eat a lot of empty belly, which came to hand. It is likely, said troops buy lunch, likely the most luxury.

Lunch bento of grilled chicken and hamburger

And try to actually eat, and then realized that the taste and volume.

Skin is slightly crisp, white meat grilled chicken was plump and is not to the taste of salt and pepper, if you are refreshing, rice will continue. Hamburger was cut in half, the distinctive flavor of minced meat, a rich source is plenty of rice will advance. Of side dishes also good old fried burdock root, in the flavor of soy sauce and sesame accent, rice will continue.

At the bottom of the main dish I have also hidden shredded cabbage and vegetables that each cone, lunch was eaten a lot.

Shop information:5-65-5 nakano nakano ward,03-3228-3628,10:00-9:00,Sunday&Holiyday10:00-8:00,Open everyday

Companies now make a lunch box, beginning with the convenience store is so hot pasta. Have to expand the menu or twist their respective owners, and taste. Therefore, in the Seiyu supermarket in the basement of Nakano Broadway, I had I bought a pasta lunch.

Soft-boiled egg carbonara trolley, is 397 Yen. There is also the relationship between consumption period, the package was in fact firmly affixed the seal of the discount. Is cheaper.

Seiyu store in Nakano Broadway, soft-boiled egg carbonara

I opened the lid was warmed in the microwave, it may be a little more heat would have been allowed.

It was strange, had been also the name of the menu, soft-boiled egg. Heck, what remains of this form has remained how. Why did not collapse when the bring back. Furthermore, it was okay or even warm in the range. I feel the technology.

The taste was salty wind are summarized as a whole. That seasoning for pasta with crunchy bacon, cheese was the source and Innovation rear wheel. It is pretty apparent is mainly yellow, and rather strong taste of response, is satisfactory eating pasta.

Shop information:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3386-1141,10:00-23:00,Open everyday

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