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Soup curry shop GARAKU located at Nakano Ramen Street was campaigning to commemorate the first anniversary of its opening. I informed in the signboard in front of the store.


As the first step, you seem to be offering topping service for 30 days. It is with lunch 20 meals limitation on weekdays.

And the second is a discount. 50% off on the first anniversary day! It is limited to two days of April 20, 21st.


Furthermore, a limited edition soup curry will be offered from the 23rd to the 1st anniversary. I use dumplings from the Tokachi region and Genghis Khan. There is a feeling of Hokkaido.

It is a crowded GARAKU, but it seems to be even crowded.

Shop info:5-50-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-5101,AM11:30-PM3:30,PM5:00-PM11:00

Nakano Sun Mall, Niconiko curry appeared

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Nakano Sun Mall, had been able to new shop. Niconico curry is. Location was the second floor of Hakata ramen shop. 2 store, image color is the same.

Niconico curry, as is the Nakano Sun Mall store to sign, it is this second store is near. Another, located along Waseda street.


Nakano Sun Mall, Niconiko curry appeared

Smiling curry, it is a shop that is run by people overseas. But, curry, which is guided by the menu photo is the curry rice. There is no Nunn. And the type of curry is not a Lou, it has been differentiated with topping. It also, such as fried chicken or cutlet, just some of the familiar to the Japanese.

It is a shop that such curry and rice to eat.

Contadino of Awaji Island, butter chicken curry

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Previously saw the sign, I went to the shop. There was a notice in the sign, I go to eat Awaji Island curry. Awaji Island butter chicken curry of Contadino.

In the back that sign is out, there was elongated steep stairs. The stairs up to the cautious, is a shop that left aims. If you do not a sign to mark, it is a shop that does not notice.


If you check the menu sitting on the counter, there was no butter chicken curry. "If you like what you sweet, we recommend the butter chicken curry," and have a little thinking clerk said. We decided to order the butter chicken curry.

Look has been refined. Cafe is like a curry. It is elegant.

Contadino of Awaji Island, butter chicken curry

When I try to eat, I was satisfied with the words of the clerk. It is certainly sweet. Frankly write, as hashed rice. Demi-glace sauce, such as, such as tomatoes, there is a sweetness and richness. Furaidoonion had become the accent to add and change of texture, a different sweetness. Chicken was also softer.

Spice is also feel, but you have overhanging sweetness. It is a complex sweetness. Delicious sweet, was a strange curry.

Shop information:5-55-17 2F Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-6411

India & Nepal curry, Millan of mutton curry

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Curry shop in Nakano Sun Mall, is mutton curry of Milan. There is a lassi drink to the top of the image. In addition, it comes with a salad.

When you are through the Nakano Sun Mall, please try to face up Once you have a good smell of curry. There should be a curry shop on the second floor of the building.

It is a shop that have done many times, but it does not get tired. There is also a kind of curry, such as chicken and Dal. Nan and Rice You can choose. And you can choose the spiciness in five steps. It is also good to be combined in the mood of the time.


At this time, the mutton curry eating again several times, level of hotness is 3, and ate.

Shops you as a full-fledged curry name, but for some reason than the other of these shops, Rice is the perfect.

Shop information:5-59-6 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-5516,Open everyday

Curry lover to appeal, limited curry

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When I passed through the narrow streets of Nakano Station North, there was a bright red sign. Curry lovers must see! ! And, it is written. Sign, has a curry lover appeal.

Curry lover to appeal, limited curry

Looking at the details of signage, such as its own formulated spices, was the guidance of the curry that is packed with a variety of taste. Nakano is attached to the menu name. The problem is that only 10 meals, but I would like to try to eat to find the opportunity.

I think perhaps the shop went up the stairs behind the billboard. Courage has become a roasted likely atmosphere.

Curry shop in Nakano ramen street, ate lunch at Yamiyami Curry. Lunch menu There are three types, you can select a menu rich in variety to the deals. At this time, and eat several times, chicken and fluffy Curry of the egg, spicy has ask for spicy.

I was for a while have gotten a salad that is a set lunch. Finally, rice and curry comes in. Curry, the egg was soft and have covered plenty of the surface of the dish.

 curry of chicken and eggs

Also looks great chicken. Chicken is a softness that can be split with a spoon. It took the chili pepper to the chicken. It seems to adjust the hotness in chili pepper. Ask you to spicy, it is certainly painful. But in the bland of the sweetness and the chicken of the egg, it eased the spicy. In a good way, it becomes removing a bad taste because there is not a stain taste to chicken.

But when the conspicuous spicy in the mouth is reset to taste pickles, which are provided in the table. This shop is a point high of Fukujin pickled and shallots are provided respectively.

Proceeding to eat, and then only of garlic flavor a little. I felt the punch.Eaten in Nakano, Asian style of one-of-a-kind curry, we had delicious.

Shop information:5-50-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3389-2137,11:30-16:00(Lunch),17:30-1:00(dinner)

As between the dumpling shops and Mister Donut, when I walk the Hakusen Dori (white line) street, I saw a sign to introduce the menu. Awaji Island curry, is a shop to eat.

Hakusen Dori (The white line) Street, Awaji Island curry shops

According to the sign, first lunch limited 20 meals. Apparently it seems to be a curry stuck to the onions. Premium onion, is a rare word.

In the street and pub's many, I saw a sign. It was that can eat lunch of curry and rice.

I go several times, I saw for the first time. From the front of the Nakano Sun Plaza, towards the Chinese noodles Aoba, are as such as tavern's lined on both sides.

I noticed the shop there is a menu of curry lunch

There was a billboard, you've just past the "Teke Teke"(That's adress is 5-58-4 Nakano Nakano Ward). Kanban, had come out quietly on the road.

I feel shop which can authentic curry India basis is often Nakano, but that there is no choice so actually I mean Japanese-style curry rice.

I think to find the opportunity, you want to go.

Spicy curry @ Matsuya Nakano dori Shop

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The other day, at Matsuya of beef bowl chain store, I ate spicy curry (? 350).

It was surprised, I just Rice and Lou came out in a separate dish. Not thicken to Lou, it looks like a curry soup.

Spicy curry @ Matsuya Nakano dori Shop

Try to eat, I felt the taste of the street name of the menu. As has expressed the menu name, and curry to eat bite first. And a little bit, it is spicy. Really a little bit, I feel the bitterness at the end.

There is no tool to Lou silky. I have a challenge to customers in spicy curry. Secret ingredient did not know something, source of bitterness and hotness is a little bit worried.

Shop information:5-68-9 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-5318-7331

Washiya's Chicken Cutlet Curry

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I made ??before, but it would have to eat the chicken cutlet curry of summer vegetables into. Is ? 750 yen. It was featured in over-the-counter tapestry of Washitani Nakano Sun Mall arcade, side dishes you shop, it is curry.

In fact, it was written as "chicken curry" in the menu. In Nakano Station, until pork cutlet shop from chain stores, there's something shop shop which can the so-called curry with pork cutlet. However, when it comes to chicken curry to feel healthy is somewhat, it is not clear. In places like this, I feel feelings. If you are thinking, and so on to come out and really it was ... chicken cutlet curry. But it is still rare, and I is a mistake to say that rather welcome.

Washiya's Chicken Cutlet Curry

Appearance is rustic in Frankly. And chicken cutlet in cross section to imagine a white, cabbage underneath. The summer vegetables that were in the menu name, it is sinking in a sea of ??Lou, what kind things, and pounding.

Some of the Lou, there was a spring onion would be new ball first and eggplant, really. Texture was Sakutto is, it is rare for a tool of curry. Taste of Lou, is orthodox in a good way. The Amakaraku, slightly spicy aftertaste, aroma of curry is also high. This is a curry as Western Japan. Of that for everyone in the food is not difficult, but it is established it beautifully.

Juicy chicken cutlet of clothing is crispy, good to curry of course. Diet went.I was delicious, but the representation of the menu was your love and respect,.

Shop information:5-63-5 Nakano Nakano Ward, Tokyo,03-5345-5061,

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