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Burger King coming soon at Nakano Station South Exit

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Burger King seems to be available at the south exit of JR Nakano Station.

The appearance is already made.

Burger King

The place exits JR Nakano Station South Exit and goes to the right. Next to the Sports Club Tipness building.

And there was an open notice on the window. Burger King Nakano South Entrance will open on Thursday, December 12 at 10:00 AM.

Burger King

Nakano has many delicious ramen shops and tsukemen shops, but I think it's actually a hamburger fierce battlefield.

In addition to McDonald's, there is Lotteria. And there are both moss burgers and freshness burgers.

There, Burger King is participating. I'm looking forward to the opening.

There was a new announcement at the store about the koara's March Yaki, which can only be purchased at Lotteria of Nakano Sun Mall. It is a guide of the limited-time taste in fall of 2018.

By the way, the limited taste of autumn of last year was Hokkaido pumpkin taste.

Koara 's March Yaki, in 2018, what is the period' s limited flavor in autumn?

This year, it is a caramel flavor.

Recently the queue has settled down, so I can buy it soon. I think I will find opportunities and buy it.

Shop info:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1216,AM7:00-PM10:00

Lotteria holds "meat day"

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Lotteria of Nakano Sun Mall wore a big poster. It is a poster saying the year-end and new year meat's day. It is Tuesday, December 26th, until Thursday, January 4th. It is said that it sells exquisite cheeseburger with a lot of meat.


There were hamburger 's party, double, and triple too.

It is that it ends as soon as it is gone. It is said that it is a store limited, limited quantity event.

Shop info5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1216,AM7:00-PM10:00

Seasonal taste appeared in koala's March bake

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They sell only here in the world. I can only buy it at Lotteria in Nakano Sun Mall Arcade. That is Koala's March Yaki.

Seasonal taste appeared in the sweets. There was information on the signboard. It is chocolate banana taste that appeared newly. It seems to be limited in the summer.

Seasonal taste appeared in koala's March bake

As They are selling while making it, there is no way to wait a while.

However, I think that it is vacant recently. There is something you can buy without waiting too much. Limited, limited rarity koala march yaki, chocolate banana taste.

Shop information:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1216,AM7:00-PM10:00

Lotteria of Nakano Sunmall is in renewal preparation

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In the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, fast food shop Lotteria had down the shutter. Is that of the December 13, reopened. So we have a renovations.

Speaking of which, might be unusual shutter of Lotteria is closed. From breakfast time until late at night, there is the impression you're doing at any time.

Lotteria of Nakano Sunmall is in renewal preparation

Shutter is closed, has been removed also shop sign that had been shining on it. Light becomes bare, have fallen socket of a fluorescent lamp, it is feeling a little lonely.

Nakano is ramen famous city, but in fact I think that there are a variety of shops hamburger. It is a chain store, but there is Lotteria is rare. The other, there was also Freshness Burger and Mos Burger.

Opening of new Lotteria I look forward to.

Shop information:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1216,7:00-22:00

In the take-away, I ate a sandwich of Subway. It is the one that has raised the newly opened a while ago, at the north entrance Nakano Subway shop. Menu is herb sausage.

Herb sausage sandwich Subway Nakano north exit shop

Seasoning is in basil sauce, taste and aroma of herbs spreads in the mouth double sausage and herbs. There is also because of that, you are eating a sausage, but there is also a flavor such as salad, it is a strange feeling.

Plenty of vegetables is also crisp course. As you proceed to eat, as it would extend beyond the bread. You spread the taste of Gabatsu and peppers onion and tomatoes followed by sausage.

Vivid face of Subway, presence of vegetables was a great sandwich.

Shop information:1-9-3 Arai Nakano Ward,03-5942-5516,8:00-21:00

I had actually feel uncomfortable somewhere. Because I was the person who saw some when I was through the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, has walked pinch of French fries somehow.

And when it came before the Lotteria fast food restaurants continue to walk, I went consent. Means "heaped popular even today per our limited", I've been doing is bulking potato campaign.


Previously thought, and today it is the matrix such that Lotteria somehow, there was the fact that during the campaign bulking properties. At that time I did we Isshi the period, it may be that when casual, such planning is carried out also, and so are you "even today" for potatoes. I think I will be careful.

Shop information:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1216,7:00-22:00

Around the JR Nakano station, there are many famous shops and fast food and cafes, is a place which take a breath. This is one such hotels located near the Nakano Sun Plaza, also Veloce. I am also easy to find a chair where you have spread far in the back, quite widely than watching from the entrance, vacant.

I took a light meal in the sand mix and blend coffee (220 Yen and 170 Yen).

Mix Sandwich and blend coffee @ CAFFE VELOCE Nakano

Or character of a place, I think like a lot of foreign visitors. Look back again or have products that you get in Nakano Broadway. I saw a sight that turning over the paper or back or even. We also have to spend own way of course.

I was refreshing like a bump on a log at this time.

Shop information:4-2-12 Nakano Nakano Ward,7:00-23:00,Open everyday

In Nakano Sun Mall arcade, Lotteria had to push the Sheki in the shop. Is purposely standing clerk, I had a sales promotion. Was that half of 105 yen and serving in addition.

In the evening, it was still hot, I would buy with. From three different flavors vanilla, banana milk, strawberry milk, I chose the strawberry.

Strawberry milk shake for half price at the Lotteria

Whether it is a feature of Sheiki of Lotteria Or carry a few minutes because you have a little soft and smoothly down the straw. Cold and chilly, a little sour flavor of strawberry is sweet and delicious.

It would be nice also shaved ice and ice cream, sweet and cold drinks like this, especially at this time of year it is perfect.

shop information:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1216,7:00-22:00

I bought breakfast is located in the north exit of Nakano Station, at McDonald's Nakano Sun Mall arcade. Combi is a Filet-O-Fish (¥250).

I called Combi, is a snack menu for a limited time during the hours that sells Mac morning, but it is usually different from the set of does not have a potato.

Has become a set of burgers and drinks. Drink so I had hot coffee.


Taste of the Filet-O-Fish has no camera shake, in the sand fly as white fish, tartar has always heard.

As has been introduced in many places, it was delicious coffee smell quite high was a good surprise. The strategy of coffee, McDonald's, we would then convince.

Shop information:5-6-1 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3389-1992,06:00-24:00,Open everyday

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