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A seafood sake restaurant Shokuraku, ( 5-56-14 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo ) at Nakano Ramen Street is serving lunch. It was. There was a signboard.

Since the name of the shop is Kaisen Sabo(seafood and Japanese sake), there is a lineup of sashimi and fish set meals. There were also meat and fried food.

seafood sake shop Shokuraku

I think this shop didn't have lunch. It's a big deal, so I tried it.

I ordered a fried food set meal. A set meal of creamy croquette, menth and fried chicken. Fish will be another chance ... The set meal comes with miso soup and mini chawanmushi. First, tea and mini chawanmushi came out.

I just sat at the counter so I could see the fried croquettes. The shop was showing his back and was fried carefully. It seems that it is fried each time, rather than being made in advance.


The food was in a lunch box. At first glance, I felt that there were few vegetables, but there are many pickles in the foreground. The pickled onions were nice and the sweet vinegar was good, so it was delicious. Pickled tomatoes were petit tomatoes. The sourness was condensed.

And, the main fried food is fresh in a good sense. The surface is also crispy, well-greased and light. The meat of the cream and minced meat had a strong taste, and it was delicious enough to eat as it was. Other miso soup left an impression on me.


The taste of the ingredients stood out, not to mention the soup. The seaweed, deep-fried tofu, and tofu have different flavors. I didn't lose to the miso. When miso soup is delicious, the deliciousness of the meal is enhanced.

★ Store information: 5-56-14 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo , 03-3385-3320, Mon-Sat 17: 00-3: 00 the following day, Sundays and holidays 14: 30-2: 00 the next day, no holidays

Salt hormone Sato's lamb & beef curry

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Hormone shop Sato at the north exit of Nakano station was having lunch. All of the lineups are tasty, mainly meat. I passed the goodwill immediately.

Salt hormone Sato

All the menus on the signboard were attractive, but this time I decided to try the curry at the top. Lamb & beef curry.

There is lamb curry. I also know beef curry. But I've never heard of lamb & beef curry. What kind of curry it is!


Before that, fresh vegetables were served. The colors are bright. I received it as it was. Then the curry was served.

It was a curry with too much meat. Is it a roux and ingredient? Is the meat seasoned with curry? Anyway, the content is curry and meat.

Roux is not dry, and has a sense of unity with the ingredients. And because of the richness of roux and the amount of meat, it is impossible to tell at first glance what kind of meat it contains. If you look carefully and carry it into your mouth, you will know what you are.


I think the first thing I felt was the hormone. It had a cartilage or tubular shape and had a plump texture. And something like a lever. The taste and texture of meat, which is behind the taste of curry, says so. Sometimes the chunks of meat with exposed fibers are lamb. When it is tightly chewed, it has a unique flavor, but in a good sense it has no habit.

Anyway, various meat parts appear one after another, and I'm not tired of it. They are curry. It's a curry that feels more "meat" than the menu name.

In addition, another one curry appeared in Nakano.

★ Store information: 5-55-7 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 050-5869-6561, Mon-Fri 17:00 -0: 00 (LO 23:00), weekends and holidays 15: 00-0: 00 (LO 23:00)

Rangusam of restaurant in JR Nakano Station north exit was closed. The appearance was already demolished. I noticed it today.

Rangusam is closed

At Nakano Station North Exit, where there are a variety of dining options, it's an orthodox restaurant.

The cork stopper attached to the wall was a trademark. Even at lunch, it is a shop that offers courses such as soup, main dishes, desserts and drinks in order.

I also used it at work. Of course the beef stew is what remains in the impression at lunch. It was a dish that also served bread and rice. Now when I confess, it was a shop that sometimes used to say beer for lunch drinks.


In the poster in front of the store, it was closed on February 20. Although I did not go in front of the store, I did not notice it until now.

Whenever I see the closing notice. It's selfish, but lonely.

Shop info:5-56-15 Nakano Naknao Ward

Charcoal grilled meat Horuichi is preparing to open

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At Nakano 5-chome, a new shop was preparing to open the store. The name of the shop is already written on the exterior. It is a charcoal grilling barbecue tavern HORIICHI. It is a roasted meat shop.

The shop is on the street which entered between the suit select and the Excelsior Cafe from the Nakano Sunmall arcade. There is a ramen shop such as a frog. There used to be another shop before, but it seems to be changing.


I got through in the daytime. I did not feel that construction etc. was progressing.

There is no other guide such as opening date. Would you like to open lunch? Although it seems that you can eat hormones from the name, I would like to care.

Shop info:5-56-11 Nakano Nakano Ward

I ate a limited-time menu at Nakano shop in Legendary Sonata Donburi shop set with a large bowl of Nakano-dori. It is a squalid mammoth meat bowl with a catchphrase "Ultimate Yakiniku Bowl". I feel a sense where the tatami, is written in Hiragana.


This stamina mammoth rice bowl, the price is also quite good, it is usually 980 yen. Three rice bowls of bowls of beef, pork ribs and beef hormones are on board. I hesitated a little in the picture of the menu and asked for a mini.


... When the dishes came, I really realized that it was a mini. Size feeling is difficult. However, the more you start eating, the more you feel the stamina. It is strange that each meat has different texture and amount of fat. Beef is red in many, fat is also slightly less.

Hormones are fluffy texture, again different from the other two. Because each taste is different, there is a presence even though it is rich in flavor. Hormone, it was unexpected. And the volume is enough. It is necessary to eat meat in advance by all means on the serve, and it is difficult to balance with rice, but I will eat it without worrying about it.


It is necessary to eat meat in advance by all means on the serve, and it is difficult to balance with rice, but I will eat it without worrying about it. When the dishes are flattened to a certain extent, melt and add eggs that come with standards. You can arrange for Sukiyaki style. Mayonnaise was included, but personally it might have liked butter.

However, the meat of plenty, enough to enjoy it.

Shop info
Address: 5-68-9 Nakano Nakano Ward
TEL 03-5942-8659
Open AM11:00-AM3:00

Sandaime Amimoto's, weekly lunch menu, oyster fried.

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Izakaya at the north entrance of Nakano Station, Sandaime Amimoto Nakano Kitaguchi. Whether it's a major chain, calling a store clerk or accounting is an efficient system that pushes the bell.

The menu of lunch has a drink bar, you can take whatever you like and drink it freely. There was a drink bar in front of the aquarium.

Sandaime Amimoto

Regular, weekly change, daily menu is available. As Izakaya, I am glad that fish is the main. I ate oysterfly on a weekly basis.

weekly lunch menu, oyster fried.

There are three types of small bowls. There are also pickles and it is fulfilling. The source is the style offered in the plate.

This volume tastes delicious. When I went there was little rain because it was raining, because the number of customers was small, the offering time was early. It felt like a great place.

Shop info: 5-59-2 Nakano Nakano Ward,050-3467-0677,Open everyday

I ate pasta lunch at Orient spaghetti. Today's menu, shrimp mince and various vegetables tomato sauce. I can make it in large heap for free, so I asked for it on a large scale.

Orient spaghetti

It is a bitter pasta with tomato sauce that the fork advances even when it is hot. The seasoning of Orient spaghetti is always exquisite and I think that it is slightly diluted at the beginning of eating. I would like to add cheese and basil which is attached to the table, but from there it demonstrates us. It is never persistent, but the taste of sauce and pasta turns into exquisite adjustment. It is calculated in one dish.

Tying shrimp and vegetables is also helpful for the lightness of the mouth. Also different from meat, the shrimp which was shrimp also matched the tomato sauce. While using a fork, it is good to eat apples and pasta together.

Shop info:1-23-22 Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3387-1445,AM11:30-PM11:00,closed Monday

Orient spaghetti is closed on weekdays Mondays

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A pasta shop in Yakushiro Ai Road, I went to eat lunch for Orient spaghetti.

From the north entrance of Nakano station, it will be about a distance to go out. Still it is a shop that you can eat delicious pasta worth extending your legs.

went. There is no electricity, no signboards are out. It was closed.

Orient spaghetti is closed on weekdays Mondays

According to store notice, it seems that Monday of weekdays has become a regular holiday. There is "for a while", so it seems like a temporary holiday.

For the time being, Orient spaghetti is closed on weekday Monday. I will remember.

Shop info1-23-22 Arai Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1445,11:30-23:00,Closed Every Monday

There was an unfamiliar shop on the other side of Acharanata which was closed. It was an Italian restaurant. At the entrance staircase, there is a signboard, and we inform you of the opening date. According to it, it opened on May 8th.

The shop was an Italian restaurant, Pianta.

An Italian restaurant opened in the south exit of Nakano Station

There is a pasta shop called pasta kitchen in the south exit of Nakano station, but when it comes to that, I do not recognize Italian too much. There used to be Saizeriya before, but is it about Goemon?

In the signboard of the shop, we feature pasta and pizza. Various Italian seems to be able to eat.

Shop information:2-29-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

I noticed that Wing Village, a dumpling bar at the south entrance of Nakano Station, had signboards in the daytime. It was a sign of announcement of lunch.

According to it, lunch is open only on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, the time is from 11:30 to 14:00. The menu seems to be two kinds of dumplings set, fluffy and parent and child rice bowl.

Gyoza bar at Nakano station south exit

The place is in the basement of the building at the intersection near Nakano post office. Will it be the last "Nakano station south exit" area? As I left the arcade in the south entrance, the arcade ended, I bent a little to the road and walked a bit. It is a building where Chinese food, curry, omelet rice and many other restaurants are included.

Anyway, I am interested in hand dumplings. Below the signboard of the store there are pictures of a delicious dumpling and beer that looks delicious again, but first of all I would like to eat what kind of dumplings at lunch.

Shop informaiton:B1-2-28-1 Nakano Nakano Ward,17:00-23:00,Lunchon Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, the time is from 11:30 to 14:00

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