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I noticed that Wing Village, a dumpling bar at the south entrance of Nakano Station, had signboards in the daytime. It was a sign of announcement of lunch.

According to it, lunch is open only on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, the time is from 11:30 to 14:00. The menu seems to be two kinds of dumplings set, fluffy and parent and child rice bowl.

Gyoza bar at Nakano station south exit

The place is in the basement of the building at the intersection near Nakano post office. Will it be the last "Nakano station south exit" area? As I left the arcade in the south entrance, the arcade ended, I bent a little to the road and walked a bit. It is a building where Chinese food, curry, omelet rice and many other restaurants are included.

Anyway, I am interested in hand dumplings. Below the signboard of the store there are pictures of a delicious dumpling and beer that looks delicious again, but first of all I would like to eat what kind of dumplings at lunch.

Shop informaiton:B1-2-28-1 Nakano Nakano Ward,17:00-23:00,Lunchon Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, the time is from 11:30 to 14:00

There was an unusual shop. The shop is like a bar, but there is a signboard showing the menu of roast beef bowl.

There was a leaflet at the shop front. There is a roast beef shop special beef. As there is a Shibuya branch, it seems there are other shops. Nakano shop original flier seems to be still.

there was a roast beef bowl specialty shop

Two kinds of menu, beef dumpling and bakuchibe bowl. I am attacking. Pakuti beef don bowls are ordered copies of "specialty" "detox" "anti-aging" "addiction". I am attacking. As the menu is limited, it seems that you can choose the amount, from the baby-soup to the onigiri, the amount of rice and roast bee is also proportionate. I am attacking.

There is an impression that roast beef bowl is quietly popular. There are shops where you can eat some stores in Nakano, but it may become major.

Shop information:5-58-9 Nakano Nakano Ward

At Nakano Ramen Street, Vietnamese restaurant

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Construction was done at a place of Nakano Ramen Street. It is renewal of building sign.

As you can see the image, the place was a building of "Sutei-kitei". There is a new signboard on the second floor. The name of the shop is also stuck at the entrance of the stairs. Vietnamese restaurant, Mot hai ba.

At Nakano Ramen Street, Vietnamese restaurant

The number of shops that can eat Asian cuisine, such as curry and four, has increased. Choosing a shop at lunch is going to be fun again.

I do not know when and what kinds of dishes can be eaten, but I would like to wait for opening.

I ate lunch at "Ikinari (meaning,Suddenly) Steak" at Nakano Ramen Street. It is wild steak 300 g.

Ikinari steak at lunch time, you can order a steak by choosing the number of grams. Three kinds of on the menu are 200 g, 300 g, and 450 g. Today, I chose the middle. Rice, soup and salad are included.

Rude way of saying, suddenly recently! The steak is crowded. There are people who line outside the shop. Also, even if you place an order, you may wait for a while. If you think about cost performance, that would be it. At this time, while waiting for a salad, waiting for about 10 minutes, steak came out.

Ikinari(Suddenly)! Steak Nakano store wild steak 300 g

Since I gathered information this time, I acted immediately. While the steel plate is hot, cut it to the size of your choice. And, as the six sides are in contact with the steel plate, we will put the fire while rolling over and over. And from where I thought the fire had gone, I brought it while applying sauce and pepper.

I will cheek the wild steak on the side dish. 100 g different, the amount of meat is different. Rice goes forward, but feeling that meat is surplus. It was luxurious.

Shop information:5-55-13 Nakano Nakano Ward

Harimi lunch at Yakiniku Daruma

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Yakiniku restaurant of Nakano Ramen Street, I had lunch at Dharma. It's Harame lunch. At Nakano station north entrance, there are several shops where you can thank us for "grilled meat for lunch". Every shop is unavailable, so this shop is also a choice of yakiniku restaurant. Because there is also sundubu, I came when it was cold.

Harimi lunch at Yakiniku Daruma

A lot of small bowls will come out, let us introduce your meat this time. You can see the harami with greasy grease. It is a soft meat with a combination of lean taste and fat taste. Bake careful not to burn, I will get it. While waiting for burning, vegetables are supplied in a small bowl.

It is a barbecue lunch, but a lot of vegetables such as salads, namul, kimchi, etc. will come out. It was a lunch where plenty of meat and vegetables were eaten.

Shop informaiton:5-57-5 Nakano Nakano Ward.03-3388-1868、Lunch AM11:30-PM3:00

Roast beef bowl of guts Grill Nakano shop

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Nakano Station south exit, line the side of the guts grill was doing lunch. This shop, previously I think it was named guts Seoul, but that of the opened in July of this year were examined on the Internet.

guts Grill Nakano shop

It is its guts grill, but in the top of the menu, the recent epidemic, there is a roast beef bowl. So, we decided to try asking. On the back of the number of sheets superimposed menu, way of eating roast beef bowl is was written casually.

In line with it, and to be asked. It should be noted, not in the image, but other roast beef bowl and the soup, there is also a salad.


Honestly, how the first impression is a little smallish? Was that. However, when the start eating the impression changes. First roast beef is just good thickness to your bowl, soft enough to cut even with chopsticks. The meat taste of is packed tightly in the beef taste has condensed.

This, yolk of pickled egg, mayonnaise has been served, and I go to eat while wearing a taste of taste in garlic butter. None of the center is strictly meat taste. And so that along with the taste, you can enjoy a different taste. Volume roast beef, the two some places, has become the 3-ply. As you eat, it was initially also be a sufficient size that felt smallish.

Soup of sweet chicken soup that was easily in the chicken plain hot water self-service. It will be a good mouth freshener.

Yolk and pickled egg, etc. Serve with garlic butter in another small dish, was roast beef bowl feel the shops of ideas.

Shop information:2F-3-36-10Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3380-5152,11:00-15:00(L.O. 14:30),17:00-23:00(L.O.23:00)

The Manchu dumplings, there is a service Day

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Nakano Station south exit of the arcade, there are dumplings of Manchu. It will be impressive, but the image of Saitama Prefecture shop. I feel there is no possible to see so much in Tokyo. In the JR Chuo Line, or it would not be unusual in.

On one occasion, Manchu of the dumplings, had set up a climbing to over-the-counter. Raw dumplings sale day, thing that.

The Manchu dumplings, there is a service Day

In the dumplings of Manchu, you can buy a takeaway dumplings. Company tagline is "30% good!" So it is generous with deals on the good.

Was examined on the Internet, this sale date It seems different to your Misegoto. Nakano south exit shop was the Mondays and Thursdays. The it is there two days a week.

Shop information:2-29-6 Nakano nakano Ward,03-6304-8260,11:00 - 21:50

Steak-tei Nakano shop, a lunch-time to non smoking

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Nakano ramen Street, steak or hamburger, there are easy-to-eat shop. Steak-tei Nakano shop. In front of the bench of the shop, Tomorrow's Joe is sitting What is mark. Sometimes do not know people, I surprised to step into one step foot in the store.

This shop, tobacco was laid. Recently tobacco has been increased shops not laid. Shop where tobacco is breathe is the valuable. People who want to smoke have finished your meal, is a translation of the lunch of choice looking for such limited shops. Some around, there are such people.

Steak-tei Nakano shop, a lunch-time to non smoking

However, I was aware of the announcement in at this time. It became a non smoking, was the announcement that.

In order to tobacco breathe, among the shops list to eat lunch, who wore a priority to the steak-tei Nakano store, you must be careful cost.

Shop informaiton:5-54-5 Nakano Nakano ward,03-3388-8812,Lunch11:30-15:30,Dinner17:30-24:00,Open everyday

Oyster hut Nakano shop, start a takeaway oyster fly

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Oyster hut in Nakano Station North had put a message to the over-the-counter.

According to the report, is that of the began to take out of the oyster fly.

Oyster hut Nakano shop, start a takeaway of Kakifurai

It flies in the specialty store of oysters you can eat in handy at home take home. This oyster hut, you do not get is quite reserved not very crowded, but it is likely to be able to eat handy if the oyster fly.

Shop informaiton:5-62-10 Nakano Nakano Ward

Near Nakano Taishouken, kebab cafes Coming Soon

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Is Nakano Station south exit which recently ramen shop is increased, but different types of gourmet shops had the construction. Is a kebab shop.

Near Nakano Taishouken, kebab cafes Coming Soon

And say kebab, hung the meat close to the counter, it is a cut in the shop of style offered by many, but the pasted posters there as "kebab cafe". If the cafe style, it is unusual. The location is close to the Nakano Taishouken,Ramen Shop.

At the end of October which is scheduled to open. Much after one month. I look forward to.


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