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Limited menu in the summer @ Refu-Tei

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Refu-Tei(れふ亭), JR Nakano Station North Exit on. Refu-Tei is a Japanese traditonal baked cake,called "Oobanyaki" shop. Refu-Tei has been made a notice in the window. According to the report, and is a burnt offering for a limited summer menu , Panch-Yaki.

Limited menu in the summer @ Refu-Tei

Oobanyaki is a winter food. From wrapping paper to eat out a little something warm. Of good food in winter. In addition, Refu-Tei swelling before, had to summer holidays.

To change that impression, what a special menu planned for the summer. Let me know I was a pop overhang significantly.

Find the opportunity, I want to try.

★Shop information:5-63-3 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-3387-3048、9:00-21:00、Open everyday

Chocolate for a limited time @ Refu-Tei

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JR Nakano Station on the north entrance, the Refi-Tei(れふ亭), Oobanyaki shop , notice the menu was limited time in stores. Chocolate.

Chocolate for a limited time @ Refu-Tei

Known to be chocolate and had a little surprising impressions. I had to feel like a regular menu, I was wrong.

Why do not you think so back entry, sausage and mayonnaise, and had views of red bean. And this becomes, chocolate, by all means I wanted to eat.

★Shop informaiton:5-63-3 nakano Nakano Ward、03-3387-3048、9:00-21:00、Open everyday

Refu Tei, JR Nakano Station North Exit, the right of the entrance of Nakano Sunmall Arcade. Is famous for its Oobanyaki(大判焼き),Japanese traditional pancake. When cold, warm and looking sweet snack, people are lined up.

Refu Tei had to pop in-store announcements. His shop, to the menu and know that popular, is the revival of the sausage and mayonnaise.

Oobanyaki Refu Tei

Sausage, mayonnaise, I have eaten. I was gone from the lineup was the menu.Mayonnaise and sausages like hot dogs, and eat.

★Shop information:5-63-3 Nakano Nakano-ku、03-3387-3048、9:00-21:00、Open everyday

Grilled kebab and Ooban-yaki shop, Amakan

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There was a strange store.

Through Nakano Broadway and turn right at Waseda street and go . Through in front of grilled show Ron Poe shop, while the shop was located, Amakan(あまかん).


Store name written in hiragana and there Makan. Logo featuring Chinese characters. Beautiful appearance with a white edge to the green color scheme.

And you at this shop get Turkish cuisine kebabs, and Japanese traditional sweets,Oobanyaki(Japanese Pancake).

According to the pop , kebab can choose the source of the five flavors. Five flavors to choose from pancakes. Nakano is a city subculture, has been drawn anime girl pictures of pancakes.

Find the opportunity, I would like to eat.

★Shop info:5-51-2 nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo、03-3387-5870 、holiday is every Monday.Amakan's Website

North exit of JR Nakano Station in Nakano Sunmall Arcade entrance "Refu Tei"(れふ亭), IMAGAWA-YAKI Stand was in the pop-store announcements. IMAGAWA-YAKI(今川焼き)is Japan's traditional pancake.It is a guide to start a seasonal menu.

According to the report, from October 20, that it will release an apple cream in winter only.

Refu Tei, seasonal menus starting from October 20

When I walked in the Sanmoruakedo Nakano, sweet smell to suddenly see people walking, eating Ref Tei's Imagawayaki there. It gets cold in the winter I can enjoy the taste of the fun.

★Ref Tei store information:5-63-3 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo、03-3387-3048、9:00-21:00、Open everyday

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