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Construction was done in the building next to Bonjour Bonn around the middle of the Nakano Sun Mall arcade. As I went today, the cover was removed and the whole picture of the shop was revealed.

It seems that you can do sushi shop which eats while standing.

Sushi restaurant eating standing

Although the coloring of the shop's appearance is simple, it feels flashy. I make use of the color of the tree, but there are times when it looks like gold depending on the way the light hits.

It is not only sushi but also you can have bowls etc.

I was looking for places where I could eat seafood rice bowl easily at lunch after Iso Maru Fishery was in another shop, which was in Nakano Sun Mall Arcade. There was an alternative shop. It is Mekiki-no-Ginji. It is a 24-hour izakaya located in a narrow street with a Kozie corner.

In the menu, I ate a Tuna Tataki & Tuna rice-bowl that I was pushing as profitable during the service time.

Mekiki-no-Ginji Japanese Pub's Tuna Tataki & Tuna rice-bowl

According to the menu name, there are Tataki and sashimi on it. I think that there is a preference for ingredients in the ingredients, but it is a combination of condiments and seasoning, spreading laver and feeling time and trouble. I did not notice it in the menu, but miso soup also came.

I think that this is where you like, but you can not see rice as you see in the image. The amount of tuna is large in proportion to rice. I do not know if this shop's standard is this, but if you want to eat a little rice a little, but you want to eat fish, it is just right.

It was a bowl of tuna which was eaten a lot.

Shop info:5-59-9 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5343-5788,Open24H

Tenya Nakano shop, all-star tempura bowl was discount

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We bought a box lunch at Tenya, the Tenpura shop. It is a lunch box for the bowl. I bought it at Tenya, located in the north entrance of Nakano station. I bought all-star bowls. Shrimp, squid, scallops etc. It was a lunch box for the rice-bowl with lots of tempura that everyone likes.

all-star tempura bowl

There are reasons for this menu. It was a discount. This all - star bowl of rice which was recommended to the clerk, it was 200 yen discount. I looked it up on the Internet later, apparently it seems to be a unique campaign for the store. It seemed not to mention saying all the stores.

Tendon bowl of this volume is ? 550 with a 200 yen discount. It was profitable. It is unknown when or when it will be, but the way of these campaigns seems to encourage visits.

Shop informaiton:5-65-6 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-6886

It is a three-color tuna with Iso Maru fishery(Suisan). This shop can eat lots of seafood bowls for lunch. I often go to this shop to think about my body.

At the time you ordered the tuna 3 color rice bowl, there are batimagros, Binjiro, Negimitro.

Tuna 3-color Bowl

Even the best tuna such as tuna was nice, but the long tuna bottle was soft and delicious. Tuna 3 species, each with different taste and texture I enjoyed it.

I think DHA could be taken easily. It is appreciated that you can easily eat raw fish at lunch.

Shop information:5-56-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-4777,Open 24H

Isomaru Suisan's lunch side menu increased

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Nakano Sun Mall Arcade's Izakaya Isomaru Suisan's lunch menu was on the increase. Specifically, the type of udon of small size was greatly strengthened.

Isomaru Suisan's lunch side menu increased

Mini udon and miso soup served as a side menu from the past. I have ordered with seafood rice bowl a little more. However, when I checked the menu at this time, there was Kakiage Tempura,Tororo Ikura,Mentai and egg etc.

Miso soup with the scent of the iso also matches seafood rice bowl, but I also ask for udon from the condition of my stomach. I have more fun with this item from now.

Shop information:5-56-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-4777,Open 24H

On the opposite side of the street of the Nakano Sun Plaza, there is a Hanamaru Udon shop. There was a menu for a limited time. It is hot and sour soup noodles of chicken and tomatoes.

limited menu of chicken and tomato of hot and sour soup udon

When the noodles bring in around the mouth, and is to be sour smell. And eat, is piping hot. Or because they tangled than the noodle soup, or hardly cold, it is hot. Will there are individual differences, I feel that sour vinegar is not so strong. I feel and refreshing. Fluffy egg does not perhaps have soften the impression the extra.

Tomatoes, makes add the sour that unlike vinegar. The taste of the Chinese style, chicken is also good fit.

More than usual, we received soup. And unwind from the stomach.

Shop information:5-67-6 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5913-0650,7:30-24:00

Nakau Nakano shop, Kankore campaign

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To the south exit of JR Nakano Station, there is a Nakau, the beef bowl chain stores. Nakau Nakano shop. That, over-the-counter Nakau had become the flashy. On the left side of the entrance, the character of imposing "Kankore × Nakau campaign". On the right, tapestries have been decorated. Of course, a thing of this campaign.

Nakau Nakano shop, Kankore campaign

Was examined, Kankore campaign has started already from September 28 until October 25. In meal ticket and the receipt of the subject prizes, it is the get the original goods. The other, it seems to also get card.

I came to eat beef bowl, but I have met unexpected over-the-counter display.

Shop information:3-33-3 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo

Toritetsu Nakano Shop's Chicken grilled meal

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Near the south exit of Nakano Station, out of the ticket gate, bent to the right, the tavern's located on the third floor of a building that lies ahead to cross the signal,Toritetsu is doing lunch. We ate a bandit grilled meal of chicken thigh,Briefly, chicken grill.

That is remarkable to see the dishes, is vegetables that were piled To Konmori. And did I ask the ordinary, but rice is also quite a quantity. Then, the clerk told me to prepare a soy sauce as "a raw egg, please enjoy in the egg over rice." Well, it's the amount of that amount, including by.

Toritetsu Nakano Shop's Chicken grilled meal

Chicken is thick, it was juicy. Bandits baked is I think that it is marinated in sauce heard of garlic cooking, but relishes the flavor has become a conservative. And the taste of soy sauce, have worked a sauce that hung from the top, and continue the rice. Taste of the sauce might dark to be.

Is a bandit grilled, but clothing had become a little thick and crisp feel. There is no feeling like the fly, also different to those that are baked. It is a strange feeling.

When you eat the side dishes, tightening whats the egg over rice. Entitled egg hanging child rice comes with by default. It is a happy service.

Rice generous helping of designation and, can you instead.

Shop information:3-36-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

Store limited menu of Matsuya, Gyu-toji bowl

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Staff around, was talking about the topic of beef bowl. Therefore, beef bowl is now want to eat. We went to the Nakano Station North of Matsuya. Then, we had to appeal the unusual menu in the shop posters. Cow Flip bowl. In addition, that of the store limited. Speaking of which, Nakano shop Gyu-meshi(beef bowl) was also premium. It is a good thing.

Because it is a rare opportunity, I ordered the Gyu-toji bowl.

Store limited menu of Matsuya, Gyu-toji bowl

Spoon came with. And, it also roasted red pepper. Soup is not heard, it is sweet. And than the usual beef bowl, you have a little extra juice Do not feel. On the other hand, since the natural you, but in that solidified egg, it is a little hard to eat. Because the beef slices is also large, and extra tangled. So with a metal spoon, we promoted while eating cut.

Do not have stand out a little sweetness, in a place called, I tried to sprinkle the pepper. Spicy and put in the mouth, and finally concludes the sweetness of the egg and broth.

It was a sweet beef bowl.

Shop information:5-68-9 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-7331

Ajiwai-ya's Soba and Tekkadon Lunch

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We ate lunch in Ajiwai-ya.

This time, was to cool badger buckwheat set meal. The main soba, is a set meal, which has an Shirasu Tuna bowl.

Badger buckwheat was the menu that do not know. Was examined, was a buckwheat that deep-fried tofu and "Tenkasu" has appeared.

Ajiwai-ya's Soba and Tekkadon Lunch

Buckwheat, as in the name of the menu, cold. Soup, strong sweetness. Your fried is also sweet. And, soup is cold. It had become the name of the street menu "chilled". Will making the taste in darker according to the temperature. With cold, I feel the sweetness. It has changed that Naruto is on.

Bowl is whitebait was the larger. Tuna, as can be seen from the appearance, it has fat riding. Shirasu is bland, the tuna had a width of To chunky and horse mackerel. Rice, probably I think that it is vinegared rice pale. Shirasu had become acceleration of much does not interfere with the taste of.

Ajiwai-ya, but is the tavern's, is a shop that several types of Japanese food is eaten at lunch. Ajiwai-ya, go straight to Nakano Sun Mall arcade, to the right corner of the bakery Bonjour Bonn. Then is a tavern that appears on the left side. The store has a wide, has become to an atmosphere lighting was calm dropped. In addition, it is often also cuisine of fish.

Shop information:5-58-4 Nakano Nakano Ward ,03-3319-4510

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