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It is a three-color tuna with Iso Maru fishery(Suisan). This shop can eat lots of seafood bowls for lunch. I often go to this shop to think about my body.

At the time you ordered the tuna 3 color rice bowl, there are batimagros, Binjiro, Negimitro.

Tuna 3-color Bowl

Even the best tuna such as tuna was nice, but the long tuna bottle was soft and delicious. Tuna 3 species, each with different taste and texture I enjoyed it.

I think DHA could be taken easily. It is appreciated that you can easily eat raw fish at lunch.

Shop information:5-56-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-4777,Open 24H

Isomaru Suisan's lunch side menu increased

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Nakano Sun Mall Arcade's Izakaya Isomaru Suisan's lunch menu was on the increase. Specifically, the type of udon of small size was greatly strengthened.

Isomaru Suisan's lunch side menu increased

Mini udon and miso soup served as a side menu from the past. I have ordered with seafood rice bowl a little more. However, when I checked the menu at this time, there was Kakiage Tempura,Tororo Ikura,Mentai and egg etc.

Miso soup with the scent of the iso also matches seafood rice bowl, but I also ask for udon from the condition of my stomach. I have more fun with this item from now.

Shop information:5-56-8 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-4777,Open 24H

Squid There were. In the city of Nakano.

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In the over-the-counter of Ajiwai-ya, there was a strange display. It is squid. In addition, there is also a sphere that is noticeably large and come out in front than the squid. Large in the egg, it is a solid likely molding of the shell.


Even so, why squid? I tried to check the menu but, like sashimi and tempura, nor is it as squid dishes are featured. Wonder'm a squid? It was a sight that.

Shop information:5-58-4 Nakano Nakano Ward ,03-3319-4510

Oyster hut Nakano shop, start a takeaway oyster fly

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Oyster hut in Nakano Station North had put a message to the over-the-counter.

According to the report, is that of the began to take out of the oyster fly.

Oyster hut Nakano shop, start a takeaway of Kakifurai

It flies in the specialty store of oysters you can eat in handy at home take home. This oyster hut, you do not get is quite reserved not very crowded, but it is likely to be able to eat handy if the oyster fly.

Shop informaiton:5-62-10 Nakano Nakano Ward

Nakano Station North, chicken food shop is open?

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The other day, when I pass through the inside of Nakano Station North of the shop, there was a place that the construction work. Ramen Kaeru and, such as Hinai house, is the way that there is a shop.

chicken food shop

On the wall, there was a stylish lettering. When I read from after taking photos, it is a variety of menu. Chicken rice and tapas, there is also the name of the drink.

As long as you see, I like the shops of chicken dishes. When the shop is completed, also come to see.

As a reference, of this shop, near the ramen shop, Kaeru's address5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Waad

Toritetsu Nakano Shop's Chicken grilled meal

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Near the south exit of Nakano Station, out of the ticket gate, bent to the right, the tavern's located on the third floor of a building that lies ahead to cross the signal,Toritetsu is doing lunch. We ate a bandit grilled meal of chicken thigh,Briefly, chicken grill.

That is remarkable to see the dishes, is vegetables that were piled To Konmori. And did I ask the ordinary, but rice is also quite a quantity. Then, the clerk told me to prepare a soy sauce as "a raw egg, please enjoy in the egg over rice." Well, it's the amount of that amount, including by.

Toritetsu Nakano Shop's Chicken grilled meal

Chicken is thick, it was juicy. Bandits baked is I think that it is marinated in sauce heard of garlic cooking, but relishes the flavor has become a conservative. And the taste of soy sauce, have worked a sauce that hung from the top, and continue the rice. Taste of the sauce might dark to be.

Is a bandit grilled, but clothing had become a little thick and crisp feel. There is no feeling like the fly, also different to those that are baked. It is a strange feeling.

When you eat the side dishes, tightening whats the egg over rice. Entitled egg hanging child rice comes with by default. It is a happy service.

Rice generous helping of designation and, can you instead.

Shop information:3-36-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

Ajiwai-ya's Soba and Tekkadon Lunch

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We ate lunch in Ajiwai-ya.

This time, was to cool badger buckwheat set meal. The main soba, is a set meal, which has an Shirasu Tuna bowl.

Badger buckwheat was the menu that do not know. Was examined, was a buckwheat that deep-fried tofu and "Tenkasu" has appeared.

Ajiwai-ya's Soba and Tekkadon Lunch

Buckwheat, as in the name of the menu, cold. Soup, strong sweetness. Your fried is also sweet. And, soup is cold. It had become the name of the street menu "chilled". Will making the taste in darker according to the temperature. With cold, I feel the sweetness. It has changed that Naruto is on.

Bowl is whitebait was the larger. Tuna, as can be seen from the appearance, it has fat riding. Shirasu is bland, the tuna had a width of To chunky and horse mackerel. Rice, probably I think that it is vinegared rice pale. Shirasu had become acceleration of much does not interfere with the taste of.

Ajiwai-ya, but is the tavern's, is a shop that several types of Japanese food is eaten at lunch. Ajiwai-ya, go straight to Nakano Sun Mall arcade, to the right corner of the bakery Bonjour Bonn. Then is a tavern that appears on the left side. The store has a wide, has become to an atmosphere lighting was calm dropped. In addition, it is often also cuisine of fish.

Shop information:5-58-4 Nakano Nakano Ward ,03-3319-4510

Yakushi Ai Road has 17 Banchi

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I was walking along Yakushi Ai Road, I met a lively sign. It is a scenery that various people looks deliciously drinking with turning their backs on the street.

When I looked closely, it was a tavern called the 17th banchi(meaning place). It is not an address. It is the name of the shop.

17 Banchi

Air conditioning ... I do not seem to be very effective, but in the hot weather it seemed like cold beer and yakitori and sashimi etc seemed to be possible.

Shop information:1-14-1 Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo ,Mon-Thur 17: 00-24: 00, Fri Sat 17: 00-26: 00, Sun 16: 00-24: 00, no break

Teke Teke's, special meal hamburg steak

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I went to the tavern, Teke Teke Nakano shop. So, we ate a special meal hamburg steak. Hamburg steak is the lunch menu. Teke Teke is, Nakano Station North, turn to the right at the bakery called Bonjour Bonn in about the middle of the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, is the tavern's in a short walk.

And the order, came out dishes in pretty early. . The dishes are lined lot in the tray, such as a small bowl. Soot in hamburg steak is be honest, I felt a little small size.

Teke Teke's, special meal hamburg steak

As of the image, it is a fresh can. Make a sizzle and a sound and smoke, it whets the appetite. Water vapor has spread.

I try to eat. Meal condition is exquisite, I do not feel the ground meat, there is a presence of meat. Ground without, such as finely cut with a kitchen knife, is texture.

I was surprised to what had been served. If you think broccoli and white broccoli, white person was the mashed potatoes. Other small bowl well enough, we can also have the impression that ate the meat. I wonder to where the first impression. Volume is also satisfied.

Shop information:5-58-4 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-6983,11:30-14:00(Lunch,Weekday),17:00-23:30

Sakana no Medama's lunch of Boiled swordfish

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In shops that "Sakana no Medama",meaning highlight of the fish, ate lunch. It is boiled of swordfish. There is no in the image, but the miso soup to rice, a small bowl and pickles come with.

We should take a compare things and photos. Fillet is large. Smell, bone without any, easy to eat. Then, in boiled juice and soy sauce which was effective ginger, and with a rich taste. Fit to white rice. You can also see from being likened to the boiled pork.

Sakana  no Medama's lunch of Boiled swordfish

This shop is boiled fish, grilled fish, and shop delicious lunch is served in the sashimi of fish. But there is commitment, grilled fish is that of the take about 10 minutes from the order. When you want to eat the grilled fish is careful in the remaining time of the lunch time.

Shop information:2-7-10 Arai Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-1880,11:45-14:30,17:30-22:30


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