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I went to Akihabara the other day. There is a head office in Nakano, I found a ramen shop near Akihabara Mandarake. Ramen shop was listed prominently on black and yellow signs that were open in preparation. Yarou Ramen is

A little farther away from the main street of Akihabara, there is a ramen Dai. And another Ramen Jiro system seems to have come on board.

Yarou Ramen Opening at Akihabara in preparation

Have never eaten Yarou ramen. However, the menu is seen in the photograph on the wall. You tell the story to clarify whether it is what like ramen.

Lineup of the increase that it was anxious. Jiro is a normal system and it is a "vegetable oil, garlic Kalamai" do not have vegetables. Instead, everyone has been written and dignified somehow know that mosquito tone.

Menu or topping sounds like On the other hand there are various. I look forward to you.

Was to conduct open and fair to open on Saturday, until 17 August 11 According to the poster of the shop.

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