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Rashinban third store, Gundam plastic model contest

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At the 3rd floor of Nakano Broadway, the 3rd place of Rashinban Nakano store, the Gundam plastic model contest was held.

Voting results have already appeared and prize-winning works are displayed.

Rashinban third store, Gundam plastic model contest

When it says Gundam plastic model contest, it seems that the model shop in the city is doing, and it feels like somewhere not suited for Nakano Broadway.

Everyone is wonderful as Gundam that is decorated is sometimes referred to as a winning work. Especially the work of GM Sniper custom stayed in my eyes. It was devised like a plastic model.

This shop may be hard to understand because it is in a slightly recessed place First, I could see the map of the guide at the shop front of another shop, but I could not get it easily.

Shop information:Nakano Broadway 2F 5-52-15 Nakano nakano ward、03-5913-4603,11:00-20:00

Haruya Shoten(Book store), located in Nakano Broadway 3F, posted a letter of announcement. According to it, it is said that handling millimesshes for a limited time. It is so-called alignment.

Is it such as a lunch box convenient to carry, which is paid by military etc?

Millimashi selling at Akaya Shoten of Nakano Broadway 3F

However, the recent taste is quite tasty, it seems that you can have a warmer meal than anything else. It is rarity and unusuality, I think that was also a topic in Akihabara before.

I think that there were menus such as curry, but I am looking forward to going to the store to see what kinds of dishes can be bought. For a limited time, I do not know how long we deal with it, so if you are concerned, take it as soon as possible.

Shop infromation:Nakanobroadway 3F 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-8451,10:00-20:30

Nakano Broadway's big carp streamer

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April is an important month. Every month is irreplaceable on any day, but in Japan, April has special meaning. First, cherry blossoms will bloom. It is about one week that the cherry blossoms can be seen within a year. I am looking forward every year. And the new year begins. Many children are in the season to start a new school life.

And, when the season ends, it will be a period of fresh green. There is a child's day in May. I wish for children's growth, raising carp streamers.

Nakano Broadway's big carp streamer

That carp streamer appeared in Nakano Broadway. If you look closely, the ceiling of Nakano Broadway is blue sky. Inside the building, a big carp streamer is swimming under the blue sky.

Nakano Broadway unique, I tried it from the second floor. I could see the carp streamer nearby.

Closed on Nakano Broadway on February 15, 2017

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A signboard for the annual and holidays of this time appeared on the floor of Nakano Broadway. Nakano Broadway where the whole building will be closed for several times a year. This time is February 15 (Wednesday).

Closed on Nakano Broadway on February 15, 2017

The entire building will be closed on this day. Is it called, I can not pass through Nakano Broadway. Even though I do not visit, there are many people who use it as a passageway, but I can not pass through. Therefore, the shop is also closed.

Regardless of being used for commuting or going to school, for those who aim for Nakano Broadway, it is a day that needs attention.

Again, February 15, 2017 will be closed on Nakano Broadway. be careful.

At the Haruya Shoten, Ultra monster popularity vote

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Haruya Shoten(bookstore), the third floor of Nakano Broadway, who is doing various popular voting. Also, I was doing popularity vote. This time it is an Ultra monster.

Ultra monster popularity vote

Together with the 50th anniversary, Haruya Shoten Nakano Broadway shop collaborated with Ultraman on a 50th anniversary connection.

Some monsters also do not even know the monster they know. However, the most popular is the famous Baltan Seijin.

The vote is until December 27, and the announcement is from January 5th next year.

Shop information:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-8451,10:00-20:30

"Red Iits" Redman appeared at that Nakano Broadway

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On the 3rd floor of Nakano Broadway, I came across a corner after bending. It's like that hero. Yes, it is Redman.

Redman appeared at that Nakano Broadway

I have stopped using it as a title, but he is a hero with a different name such as "Red Armor" and "Red Devil", it is Redman. Without any prior knowledge, I was shocked because I really encountered it. And I fully understood the feelings of the monsters. Until now I saw it through the screen of the PC, but when I actually see it there is a unique presence.

Hakaba no garou

This is a plan exhibition by "Nakano Broadway 3F" Grave Gallery ". Although it is rude, and I am also one of them, there are many people in such a planned exhibition in such a place. Nakano Broadway is unique.

"Graveyard Gallery" is in Nakano Broadway 's 3F where there is that Mandarin Nakano Broadway store, but I have not known at all until now. Go straight on a street with a bustle and turn right at the end. Yes, you can turn to the right at the end. Then, mmts will appear on the left hand. It is a shop of Nakagawa Shoko. And turn your eyes on the back, it is Redman.

Redman appeared at that Nakano Broadway

Exhibition "Red Eits Exhibition - Exhibition Of REDMAN -" at the graveyard gallery is held during Thursday, November 17, 2016 - November 28, 2016 (Monday). Looking at the homepage, there is a free shooting spot "Red Shot" that you can take a commemorative photo with Red Man, there are apparel goods, and even though it is redman why somebody sells blue and black Redman figures as well It is that.

what. Although I encountered a hero, this sense of spirit. Disturb the emotions that have never existed. That is the attraction of Redman.

Shop information:"Hakaba no Garou"( Grave Gallery)'s Website

Nakano Broadway is collaborating with Cyborg 009

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Um, a big poster is on the entrance of Nakano Broadway. It is a poster of Cyborg 009. Nine warriors caught between the powerful fonts of Nakano Broadway and headed for us.

Nakano Broadway is collaborating with Cyborg 009

There is a 50th anniversary collaboration in the upper left corner of the poster. When checking the homepage,

Nakano Broadway celebrating its 50th anniversary with "CYBORG009 CALL OF JUSTICE" commemorating the 50th anniversary of the visualization collaboration! From November 25 (Friday) Shinjyuku Balto 9 and others will present theatrical release "CYBORG009 CALL OF JUSTICE Chapter 1" Theatrical appreciation tickets for 25 pairs will be presented to 50 people!
and seems to be presenting a movie ticket. The entry flier is distributed at the entrance of Nakano Broadway.

Nakano Broadway's 50th anniversary is surprising, but I was also surprised that Saigoog 009's 50th anniversary of "visualization". That means that the serial series of cartoons is ahead of that.

This campaign is until the 19th (Saturday).

Super Dragon Ball Heroes, namco Nakano store from 17th

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Nakano Broadway has a big game center.

From inside Nakano Broadway, it may be a little confusing as it goes to the other side of the building. Nakano Ramen Street is the main entrance. It is namco Nakano store. It is now named Bandai Namco Entertainment but it is a game center operated by NAMCO, an unmistakable game production company.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes, namco Nakano store from 17th

At the entrance of such a namco Nakano store there was a notice on a poster. It is said that the Super Dragon Ball Heroes will be running from the 17th.

When I looked it up on the internet, it was a game playing a battle with cards on a big game machine. It's "super" so it sounds like a sequel to Dragon Ball Heroes.

Shop information:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

Opened in Nakano Broadway "Gacha Gacha" specialty stores

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Nakano Broadway 2F, there was a new shop. It is Gacha Gacha shop. Speaking of, but is put a Gacha Gacha in animation shop and bookstore, I feel shop was not.

Opened in Nakano Broadway

When I went, it was pretty shop (?). Once referred to as the Mini, and the animation of the character of the figures, I thought that there are items such as Fuchiko of cup.

If you explained in words, and Fuchiko Char Aznable version of the cup, there was a futon to cover the smartphone. There is no you're kidding.

People through this project is, I think that it is worth of tough negotiator. You also better to the planning, but who give even those who give permission.

Also there is such an item, it will be to such if the specialty store.

To 1F Nakano Broadway, was made is also unusual shops. I was passing by the front of the shop, but the man wearing a suit had toward the personal computer. Rather than a shop, it feels like negotiation room.


When I checked, this shop had dealt a bit coin. There is ATM, is that of the buying and selling can be.

Nakano Broadway, has advanced to the always future.

It should be noted that, this shop is not in the main street, located in the "elevator street" next.


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