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Cherry blossoms on Nakano Street on March 30, 2018

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This year's cherry blossoms are likely to be the last opportunity to enjoy this weekend. It seems that the difference in temperature between cold and warmer than usual was good for cherry blossoms.

The cherry blossoms near Nakano Sekuraza are also beautiful, but if you walk a little north, there are places where cherry blossoms are sticking out from both sides. It is a beautiful cherry tree tunnel.

Cherry blossoms on Nakano Street on March 30, 2018

When I crossed the signal, I looked at other people and cars and bikes in the street and I enjoyed a cherry blossom viewing for a while.

Cherry blossoms along the JR of Higashi Nakano

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There was a chance to go to Higashi Nakano. The cherry blossom which continues all the way to the north road of JR Nakano station is also beautiful, but the cherry blossoms of the car window that you can see when you go from Nakano to Shinjuku are also beautiful.

I dropped a short way and saw it from the overpass.

Cherry blossoms along the JR of Higashi Nakano

It will take a look up from the train, but from the bridge you can see straight.

But it was just a little break because we were on the move.

Cherry blossoms on Nakano Street on March 23, 2018

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After the cherry blossoms bloomed, it started to rain and became cold. But today it was warm. I did not need a coat. In this weather, full bloom may be close.

I could not see it during the day, so I saw the cherry blossoms on Nakano Street at night.


It was beautiful illuminated by street lights and shops neon etc.

If you look closely, you can see green, but it is in full bloom soon. Next week I can enjoy cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Cherry blossoms at Nakano Street on March 14, 2018

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It became warm. As soon as we had news that cherry blossoms bloomed earlier. According to the early forecast, it may be blossoming this next Sunday. I went to see the cherry blossoms on Nakano Street.

The branch where the sun is hit is like this. I feel that green is visible and growing quite a bit.

Cherry blossoms at Nakano Street on March 14, 2018

Growth will be different depending on the way the sun hits, but the sun generally hits the street in general. From now on, it seems that we can not keep an eye on the trends of cherry blossoms.

Nakano Sun Mall January 23 after the heavy snow

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It was record cold and snow fell. Snow was rising in the morning. I thought that it would be a completely white world with piled up, but snow is getting less on the road. I wonder if the sidewalk is snowing away. There are many places where you can see asphalt and pass safely.

On the other hand, there is a Nakano Sun Mall Arcade at the North Exit of Nakano Station so we do not need any measures. You can pass safely.

Nakano Sun Mall January 23 after the heavy snow

And, there was a sight that it hardly to see when looking at the top. Transparent roof of the Nakano Sun Mall arcade that passes light of the sun. On top of that, snow was piled up everywhere.

I am mottled. I thought that a lot of heavy and easy to accumulate snow fell, but there is a "Sun" mall. It seems that snow is melting already already warm.

The heavy snow, Nakano of January 22

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As predicted in advance, it became snowy. It began to fall off early in the afternoon, and it began to pile up in an instant. A white filter is on the landscape of Nakano you are used to.

I went to see Nakano Sun Plaza which is Nakano landmark.


Snow is piled a little under the famous triangular roof. It will gradually go up and become thicker.

And it is snowing enough to appear on the camera.

Tomorrow will be more silver world.

Mobile Suit Gundam Stamp Rally. Nakano's character is

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JR East started a new stamp rally. This time, it is Mobile Suit Gundam Stamp Rally. To the logo is added the word "Iki masu" which is a famous speech seriously. Like other stamp rallies so far, the stamp was set up in the south entrance.

Mobile Suit Gundam Stamp Rally

And the character of Nakano is the hero Amuro Rei. It seems that the character of the station was decided by lottery based on the hope of each role, but the hero is like Nakano.

And the message from the station is also interesting. The station attendant was talking stupid impressions.

Nakano Sun Mall's greetings of an early New Year

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2017 will be over soon. Every year, the Christmas is over and the atmosphere of New Year comes out in no time. The entrance to Nakano, Nakano Sun Mall Arcade, is no exception.


On the arcade, the zodiac of next year is raised. The zodiac sign of next year is 戌(Dog).

There were two dogs. Although it is cute, it is golden, it feels like New Year.

DAICHI MIURA TOUR 2017 trailer

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As I was walking through the streets of Nakano, some women gathered next to Nakano Sunplaza to take pictures. I thought something, I tried a little down the road.

A big trailer was stopped and I paid it to the smartphone. The trailer has a picture of a man and "DAICHI MIURA BESTHIT TOUR 2017". It is a trailer of the artist.

DAICHI MIURA TOUR 2017 trailer

Later when I looked it up on the internet, Mr. Miura Daichi's tour is taking place and it will be held at Nakano Sun Plaza on December 25 and 26, 2017. Moreover, Nakano Sunplaza has become the land of the tour finals. The tour has been on since September, and Nakano Sunplaza is the last.

Sometimes you see such a big trailer on those who do not face the main street of Nakano Sunplaza.

Seven Eleven is scheduled to open at Nakano Sun Mall

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I went through the Nakano Sun Mall Arcade and I saw a rude announcement. It is a notice that carries out letters one character at a time to the black and yellow fence at the construction site.

Because it is such a style, visibility is enough. It was that Seven Eleven opened in Nakano Sun Mall. On Thursday November 30 (Thursday) and at 7 o'clock, the date is decided, of course.

Seven Eleven is scheduled to open at Nakano Sun Mall

The place is where au's shop was before. It was a semi-underground shop, but would Seven Eleven be like that?

Speaking of Nakano Sun Mall, Lawson opened the other day. This time it is Seven Eleven. Although Nakano Senplaza, even Nakano Dori, there is a Seven Eleven, you can also do it on the arcade side.


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