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Peko-chan of Nakano Broadway also wears a mask

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Peko is in front of the Fujiya, a confectionery shop on the first floor of Nakano Broadway.

 Fujiya, a confectionery shop

Depending on the season, I'm wearing various costumes and I'm looking forward to seeing them in the street. All costumes are cute.

It was Peko-chan, but it was truly. I'm wearing a tight mask.

Peko-chan of Nakano Broadway

It looks like a fashionable Peko-chan, and he has a head accessory, a skirt, and a pattern. It's a milky pattern. We were welcoming customers.

★Store information: Nakano 5-52-15 Nakano Broadway 1F , 03-3385-7362, 10: 00-21: 00,Open everyday

Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer 2020

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Every year, Koinobori has appeared in Nakano Sun Mall Arcade again this year.

Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer 2020

This is the Aerial Aquarium 2020. Spectacular, pulling down on the arcade roof reveals many carp streamers swimming.

There are carp streamers designed by local elementary school students, and if you look closely, you can see that the bills are stamped like a scale.

Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer

It seems that I am thinking about the design, and there is no one same carp in the natural world. There was also an explanation of which school created it.

Nakano Sun Mall Carp Streamer 2020

The carp streamer is always displayed inside the Nakano Sun Mall. It was lively until Nakano Broadway.

The game center on the first floor of Nakano Broadway, the Namco Nakano store, was closed. Temporary closure to prevent spread of new coronavirus.

Namco Nakano store is temporarily closed

Because of the convenience of the shop, the shutter was not completely closed, and you can see the arcade behind the glass window. However, as you approach the entrance, a notice is posted so you can tell that it is closed.

Namco Nakano store is temporarily closed

It is temporarily closed from Wednesday, March 4 to Sunday, March 15. Details will be announced on the website.

Shop infoNakano Broadway 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

February 19, 2020 is closed on Nakano Broadway

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At this time, a sign that can be seen every year appears on the first floor of Nakano Broadway. Notice of closed days. I think twice a year. It is a sign that comes out regularly.

 Nakano Broadway

February 19, 2020 is a closed day on Nakano Broadway and you will not be able to enter Nakano Broadway.

Beware of those who pass through Nakano Broadway on a daily basis. On this day, the shutter is closed and I can't enter Nakano Broadway at all. Naturally, all tenants will be closed.

February 19, 2020 is closed on Nakano Broadway

The south entrance is open, but the shutter is closed in the back, so you will turn back when you enter. Please be careful.

JR East Gundam Stamp Rally begins

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JR East Gundam Stamp Rally has started. From January 9 (Thu) to February 27 (Thu) 2020. This title is Mobile Suit Gundam Stamp Rally.

JR East Gundam Stamp Rally

A stamp is also installed at JR Nakano Station.

The location is the south exit. It is the opposite side of Nakano Sun Mall Acade and Nakano Broadway. Exit the ticket gate and it is on the right.


The stamp of Nakano station that I was worried about was Hi-Zac. Not Zaku. This is Hi-Zac. To be honest, it's subtle.

And captions. This is the line of a bad guy.

However, after seeing the message from Nakano Station under the poster, I changed my mind. It seems that the aim unique to Nakano Station was hidden there.

During the period, if you go to the south exit, you are likely to turn your eyes.

Nakano Broadway for New Year 2020

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New year, 2020 has begun. In the city of Nakano, it has a New Year's atmosphere. Among them, Nakano Broadway is decorated with fine kadomatsu every year.

The front entrance, of course, has many people walking, and it is difficult to capture photos. So I headed for the north exit.

Nakano Broadway for New Year 2020

There were many red decorations and darumas in the hall. It is news of picture letter. Congratulations on color and arrangement.

And there was Kadomatsu at the north exit.

Nakano Broadway for New Year 2020

This year has begun again this year through the entrance decorated with Kadomatsu (in this case, the exit).

What do foreign tourists think of this Kadomatsu? be interested.

Nakano Sun Mall will greet 2020 a little earlier

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After Christmas, the city will change overnight. Nakano Sun Mall Acade, the gateway to Nakano, is no exception. At this time, you can see the New Year's greeting a little earlier.

Nakano Sun Mall

Next year's zodiac, the rat is greeting the New Year. It is a memorial year in 2020. The large tapestry pattern reminds me of the Tokyo Olympics logo somewhere.

And in the arcade, illuminations are also displayed following Christmas.

Nakano Sun Mall

It was Sun Mall, but the stars were shimmering.

There was a Sofmap on Nakano Broadway

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If you walked once on Nakano Broadway, a new shop was open. Sofmap Re Collection Nakano Broadway store.


Sofmap is a store that sells personal computers and other products that are developed around Akihabara. It has a wide lineup from PCs to smartphones, PC parts and those used.

The Nakano Broadway store is labeled Re, so it seems to be a second-hand specialty. If you look inside, you will find plenty of Apple products. Apple laptops, iPhones and iPads. It was quite an assortment of items.

ソフマップ Re Collection 中野ブロードウェイ店

Nakano Broadway has increased the number of shops for these used computers and devices. And the assortment is quite good. I used to go to Akihabara before, but first I increased the number of Nakano Broadway shops. And the number of people who are looking for has increased.

There are more shops to check on Nakano Broadway.

Shop info:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,0077-78-9888,11:00-20:00

Nakano Sunmall Arcade, Aerial Aquarium 2019

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Nakano Sunmall Arcade has become a carp aquarium. The ceiling of the arcade is surrounded by a streamer and carp streamers.

Aerial Aquarium 2019

To be precise, it is an event named Nakano Sanmall Air Aquarium Carp Nobori Art Exhibition 2019.

Nakano Sunmall is the main street of Nakano that most people will see if you use the north exit ticket at Nakano Station. We have an event that makes use of its presence and space using an arcade. It's over, but according to the children's day, it probably has a carp streamer.

Aerial Aquarium 2019

Nakano also has the name of an elementary school written on it. There seems to be a carp streamer designed by the children.

Aerial Aquarium 2019

And if you go near the entrance of Nakano Broadway, the landscape will change again. In conjunction with Nakano Broadway's "Reiwa" tapestries and a carp streamer in commemoration of the new era.

I do not know how long this event will be, but when I pass Nakano Sanmoru, I am likely to look up at the top.

Cosmos is preparing to open at Nakano Sunmall

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At Nakano Sun Mall Arcade, I feel that the change of shops is intense so far. After passing by, one of the sites was preparing to open a new store. Before, there was a convenience store Lawson.


New shop is cosmos. There is a discount drug store. On the other hand, from the top of the window, everything from clothing to daily necessities is written, and you can feel a large assortment.


The so-called convenience stores are also different from the drugstores such as Matsukiyo or Sames. Above all, the color of the shutter is flashy. The appearance seems to be complete, so the store is likely to be close.

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