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I noticed that Wing Village, a dumpling bar at the south entrance of Nakano Station, had signboards in the daytime. It was a sign of announcement of lunch.

According to it, lunch is open only on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, the time is from 11:30 to 14:00. The menu seems to be two kinds of dumplings set, fluffy and parent and child rice bowl.

Gyoza bar at Nakano station south exit

The place is in the basement of the building at the intersection near Nakano post office. Will it be the last "Nakano station south exit" area? As I left the arcade in the south entrance, the arcade ended, I bent a little to the road and walked a bit. It is a building where Chinese food, curry, omelet rice and many other restaurants are included.

Anyway, I am interested in hand dumplings. Below the signboard of the store there are pictures of a delicious dumpling and beer that looks delicious again, but first of all I would like to eat what kind of dumplings at lunch.

Shop informaiton:B1-2-28-1 Nakano Nakano Ward,17:00-23:00,Lunchon Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, the time is from 11:30 to 14:00

There was an unusual shop. The shop is like a bar, but there is a signboard showing the menu of roast beef bowl.

There was a leaflet at the shop front. There is a roast beef shop special beef. As there is a Shibuya branch, it seems there are other shops. Nakano shop original flier seems to be still.

there was a roast beef bowl specialty shop

Two kinds of menu, beef dumpling and bakuchibe bowl. I am attacking. Pakuti beef don bowls are ordered copies of "specialty" "detox" "anti-aging" "addiction". I am attacking. As the menu is limited, it seems that you can choose the amount, from the baby-soup to the onigiri, the amount of rice and roast bee is also proportionate. I am attacking.

There is an impression that roast beef bowl is quietly popular. There are shops where you can eat some stores in Nakano, but it may become major.

Shop information:5-58-9 Nakano Nakano Ward

Nakano Station south exit, there was a HUB along Nakano street. This Irish pub chain stores. The HUB is, had to inform the Fair put a flyer on one side window.

HUB is in the drink half price campaign

It is Halloween week. In the HUB Nakano Station south exit shop, up to 31 days from 25 days, is that drinks with all goods half. It has already begun.

Was seeing the shop home page, it seems to be a relay of sports. Thing that reflects the Japan Series. It is likely to raised.

Shop information:2-30-3 Nakano Nakano Ward

Boko? Italian lunch shop?

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There are a variety of dining options to JR Nakano Station North. Nakano Take the San mall arcade, to the right the street that will appear Bonjour Bonn and the liquor store's bakery is. And there is immediately the shop, such as a bar on the left side.

This shop, or doing lunch every time you pass by, or have closed the pass by when certain. This day was doing lunch. The same thing seems to have needed a person who was thought to, everyone of the group had been walking in front was also to talk with "Today here are open."

イタリアン&ワインバー CONA 中野店

The name of the shop is difficult. It could not be read.

If you look on the Internet, this shop seems that CONA. Italian and wine bar of the shop, things that also do lunch. Weekday lunch seems to Thursday from Monday.

When I look at the pictures, like the menu there is a pasta and Asian plate lunch. I want to go to find the opportunity.

Shop information:5-58-5 Nakano Nakano Ward

Contadino of Awaji Island, butter chicken curry

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Previously saw the sign, I went to the shop. There was a notice in the sign, I go to eat Awaji Island curry. Awaji Island butter chicken curry of Contadino.

In the back that sign is out, there was elongated steep stairs. The stairs up to the cautious, is a shop that left aims. If you do not a sign to mark, it is a shop that does not notice.


If you check the menu sitting on the counter, there was no butter chicken curry. "If you like what you sweet, we recommend the butter chicken curry," and have a little thinking clerk said. We decided to order the butter chicken curry.

Look has been refined. Cafe is like a curry. It is elegant.

Contadino of Awaji Island, butter chicken curry

When I try to eat, I was satisfied with the words of the clerk. It is certainly sweet. Frankly write, as hashed rice. Demi-glace sauce, such as, such as tomatoes, there is a sweetness and richness. Furaidoonion had become the accent to add and change of texture, a different sweetness. Chicken was also softer.

Spice is also feel, but you have overhanging sweetness. It is a complex sweetness. Delicious sweet, was a strange curry.

Shop information:5-55-17 2F Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-6411

The Oyster Bar in Nakano ramen Street

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In one corner of the Nakano ramen Street, interior construction work had been done. Already, such as sign is attached. Oyster seems bar can be.

The Oyster Bar in Nakano ramen Street

The name of the shop, Ekaiya Nakano shop. It is, there are other places also shops, I think coming to the advance in Nakano called. Time of opening, the fact that the coming soon According to the sign, I want to look forward.

The location, went up the exit of Seiyu right. It is close to the ramen Ayaka.


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