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Recently, I walked the street where ramen shop has increased. Ramen Kaeru, there are 5 chome houses and so on. I passed the ramen shop,Kagura during the break. I noticed the guide. It is stretched in front of the shop.

According to it, it is said that it is putting out a potted noodle for a limited time only.

Ramen shop Kagura

This shop is a shop serving miso noodles with plenty of vegetables. So, is Tsukemen a miso taste?

When I looked it up on the internet, there are no tsukemen in the regular menu. And it seems that he was putting on tsukemen noodle around June.

For the limited time period, there is no mention of how long it is. I would like to find opportunities early and to eat.

Shop info:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

When passing through the Nakano Sun Mall Arcade, the shop front of the Hakata Furyu Nakano Sun Mall store was lively. There is a banner and there is a banner on the entrance. It is a founding festival.


Ramen 400 yen, lottery surely receiving a free ticket, won the shop original T-shirt, plenty of plans. Even though it is somewhat cheaper compared with the ramen shop around, it is even more advantageous as a wind dragon that is free to change.

From now on, you need to be more careful and watch the shop guidance, you do not have to miss it.

Shop info:5-59-6 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3319-8288

Taishouken owner in the south exit of JR Nakano Station was issuing a signboard.

According to the notice attached to the signboard, it is said that we started "Hiyasi chuka"(Cold No soup noodles).

Taishouken started

Pictures are stuck. It seems to be different from so-called chilling chinese. First of all the egg is not kinseng egg. When I call it chilled Chinese style, there is an impression that it is a colorful menu such as green of cucumbers, yellow of eggs, red of crabs and so on.

On the other hand, the victorious ecstasy is a ground color.

Noodles, the condition of vinegar is a menu you care about variously.

Shop info3-33-13 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3384-9234,AM11:30-PM08:30,closed Sunday

Noodle baku, seaweed ramen (thin noodles)

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The number of seaweed is many!

I went to a noodle shop located in the North Exit of JR Higashi Nakano Station. It is a "Iekei"ramen store. I ordered the seaweed ramen.

Noodle baku

Because it was to choose the thickness of noodles, I tried to make thin noodles. I can choose the taste intensity, the amount of grease, the hardness of noodles, but I decided to eat the most common thing that the clerk says that he did not listen.

This shop comes with rice for free. The cucumber pickles were placed on the table, and there was an explanation about the soup of particular attention, and the thought of the shop wanting to eat rice with ramen (and soup) has been transmitted, but this time I was sorry .

In a good sense, it was a mild ramen for "Iekei". Because it was fine noodles, I did not change the taste, orthodox. The fragrance comes out a little flavor of tangerine, the taste comes out with a flavor of sauce. It is easy to eat.

Noodle baku, seaweed ramen (thin noodles)

And the number of seaweed made topping was unexpected. I think that it was seven. As I soaked the noodles while soaked in the soup, I felt the taste of soup more strongly.

Frankly, I imagine so-called family lineage ramen, I think it feels thin. However, it can be said that it is easy to eat while tasting the taste of the "Iekei".

In order to investigate the potential of this ramen, I will try changing the taste next time.

Shop info:4-4-3 Higashi Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3366-2310,11:00-2:00,Open everyday

Shanghai noodle shop announces one coin event

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Is not it the nearest ramen shop from JR Nakano Station North Exit? Shanghai Noodle Shop was announcing the event at the shop front poster. It was an annual announcement of one coin event only for lunch.

Shanghai noodle shop announces

It is said that buta soba(pork) on April 19 (Thursday) and chicken on April 20 (Fri) can be eaten by one coin.

It is said that you can eat at the restaurant until 15 o'clock. Also, these days will be open only for menus that are offered, respectively.

Shop info: Naknao Nakano Ward

I saw a ramen shop, SEABURA Johnny

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I saw it on Twitter and several sites, and I learned that a new ramen shop was open in the south exit of Nakano Station. Last time I went toTaishouken, I confirmed the shop.

It is a Johnny. No, Kan-nana Ramen is SEABURA Johnny. It is near the opposite side across the street of Taishouken.


I saw it from the other side of the street, what do you call it, in 2017 I feel a little nostalgic. The word Kan-nana,Name of street with lots of ramen shops. Dare not to mention backbone as SEABURA. And Johnny.

From the name of the store you can imagine ramen with volume and punch. I would like to find opportunities to eat.

Shop informaiton:2-29-4 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3380-3232,11:00-next 5:00,Open everyday

Oomori-ken's Dumpling and noodle

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I ate it at the Oomori ken(restaurant) in Higashi Nakano. It is dumpling noodles. Speaking of Oomori ken, the famous menu is iron plate noodles. However, I dare chose a different menu. Then, there was a dumpling. I did not expect to eat dumplings at oomori ken, I ordered.

I was prepared, but after all I have a volume. It is a feeling I went when ramen comes with dumpling rice.

Ramen was normal in a nice sense. Because brine is feeling a little strong, it is moderately dusty and it is crimped, the texture gets munching. Soup is orthodox. Both noodles and soup are like so-called nostalgic Chinese noodles.

Oomori-ken's Dumpling and noodle

Dumplings are also delicious. Although the skin is thin, there is a moderate texture. Anne is the main meat of red meat and has a crisp aftertaste. The feeling that the texture of the meat and the taste of the lean are approaching roughly rather than the fact that the fat gets dyed. If you put plenty of sauce, it turns into a strong taste. Gyoza matches as a meal for rice.

Approach will change depending on how to do sauce of dumplings. Do you eat it with ramen easily? Do you enjoy delicious ramen with dumplings rice. It can be enjoyed freely.

Shop information:1-51-1 Higashi nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3371-5743,11:00-22:00,Open everyday

Oil soba specialty store in Higashi Nakano?

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When I was walking in Higashi Nakano there were unfamiliar shops. It is a shop that raises an emblem called Oil soba. It looks like a newly built shop, both outside and inside the shop was beautiful.

When I checked the signboard, the menu was oil soba and two pieces of soybean paste. After all, it looks like a sign shop, a specialty store of oil soba.


I did not go this time, but I'd like to try it out.

The location is as it crossed the intersection, descending from the West exit of JR Higashi Nakano station. Kitchen Donald and the Chinese restaurant are at the 10th street.

Shop information:3-8-5 higashi nakano nakano ward

There was a new ramen shop at the north entrance of Nakano station. Kamura, it seems to read.

In front of the shop, signboards, climbing, and goodwill are out. I can see the characters of Sapporo Nishiyama Ramen, Miso, Tanno. It is not soy sauce ramen, it looks like a shop of miso and tanmen.

a new ramen shop, Kamura

Speaking of Miso Ramen, there are many famous stores at Nakano Station North Exit. There are 2 shops of Aji-Siti and Miso-Ichi. On the other hand, Tanmen may be unusual.

The place is bent from Nakano Ramen Street. Ramen Kaeru and others were there.

First of all I would like to eat Tanmen.

Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward

Nakano station north noodle shop, Mita Seimenjo shop Nakano store is undergoing a festival. A poster is stuck on this wall too much. I'm standing still. It is said that we are going on a festival, that is, Tsukemen Thanksgiving.

According to the climb, large, medium and small tsukemen are on offer at a special price of 500 yen, one coin. It is 260 yen discount. It's a big service.

Mita Seimenjo Nakano store, Tsukemen Thanksgiving Day 2017 holding

The period is from today 18th May (Thursday) to 22nd (Monday), 2017. Over the weekend, this is also a big service.

In case of tsukemen, the amount of noodles is larger than common ramen. Because Mita's noodle shop is about 200 g in the same way, it is a good service for those who want to eat a large size.

Shop informaiton:東京都中野区中野4-2-13 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-3833,11:00-26:00,Open everyday

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