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Fujimaru, tsukemen shop, had fewer seats

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I went to Fujimaru, a tsukemen restaurant located in 5-42-5 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo. You can walk from the north exit of JR Nakano Station, but it's a delicious tsukemen and ramen shop.

The menu is simple: salt or soy sauce tsukemen or ramen. After that, it will be a variation with tools. At this time, I added two luxurious toppings to the soy sauce tsukemen. Nori and half egg. I'm happy that you can choose one and half eggs.

Shoyu Tsukemen

It was the same as the ramen shop at the south exit of Nakano station that I went to the other day, so the number of seats was reduced. Originally it was not a large store, only a counter, but the number of seats was reduced.


Probably every store is the same, but I was careful and continued to open.

★Store information: Nakano Ward Nakano 5-42-5 , 11: 30-15: 00, 18: 00-21: 00, closed Sundays

In 2020, miso had begun at Taishoken

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Miso had begun at Taishoken Nakano, located at the south exit of JR Nakano Station. I do not know when, but there was a sign on the sign outside the shop. It is said that he has started miso tsukesoba and miso ramen.


Generally called tsukemen, it is the birthplace. The term "Tsukesoba" is the Taishoken style.

I feel like miso tsukesoba and miso ramen appear every year from autumn to winter. It should have passed in front of the store several times, but did not notice the sign.

miso had begun at Taishoken

If you look closely, you can also see the character of New Year's Soba. It seems that the miso series is more prominent from the position of the poster, but it seems that at least the end of the year was announced because of the New Year's Soba.

There are other important information, but we will look at the image.

Shop info:3-33-13 Nakan Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3384-9234,AM11:00-PM3:00,PM6:00-PM11:00,Closed Sunday

I got ramen at a ramen Kaeru, but I tried to increase toppings after a long time. Vegetables.


Vegetable toppings are large. Garlic has a good afternoon job. With that in mind, the only thing I always ask for is onions. Occasionally, when I want a fresh egg or sweetness, I sometimes ask for fat.

On the other hand, I go to the favorite ramen shop regularly, but I have no memory of vegetable toppings. However, I decided to make a request. To put it simply, it's all except garlic.


I understand, but it is three-dimensional. This is a kind of vegetable topping. The surface of the bowl is completely covered and the noodles are not visible.

Well, how to eat. I thought for a moment, but first, I'm going to eat vegetables to get to the noodles. While eating, I consciously tried to eat vertically. As a result of eating, it was well understood that vegetables were piled neatly without gaps. Large, without gaps, not crumble. It is wonderful.


Even after the noodles are visible, the volume of the vegetables is still the same. This time with the noodles. To my sensation, ramen and bean sprouts carried about half the volume.

Kaeru's char siu is soft and has a good balance of lean and fat. It can be cut with chopsticks, and matches the texture with noodles and vegetables.

If you want to change the taste as you continue eating, adjust with black pepper, ichimi pepper and sauce on the counter. Furthermore, we put raw egg in bowl and eat like tsukemen style. I like to eat while arranging. Finally, we added vinegar and tightened it.

In Kaeru, rice is no longer a free topping, but seems to have been paid. A guide was stuck at the ticket vending machine. It was 50 yen.

Shop info:5-56-12 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,Open AM11:00-PM3:00,PM6:00-PM11:00,Closed Sunday

Nakano Taishoken offers a new menu

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Pop was stuck on the storefront of Nakano Taishouken. In the pop, it is written that it has begun to soak in the corner. I always think, but I think it may be appealing more on a large scale.


Taishouken is the birthplace of "Tsuke soba", which is known without saying. The point is not a custard noodle, but a so-called soba noodle. On the other hand, I think that it is a shop that does not go through such traditions and is boldly challenging. Many limited menus are available. Of course, orthodox buckwheat noodles are delicious, but if you say limited, you will be worried about it.

And this time it is boiled in the horns. It's not pork, it's horny. Do you fit the soba of the great wins? I would like to find an opportunity and eat.

Shop info:3-33-13 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3384-9234,AM11:00-PM3:00,PM6:00-PM11:00,Closed Sunday

Ramen Kaeru's ramen, raw eggs

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I ate ramen at Kaeru,the ramen shop at JR Nakano Station North Exit. It is a valuable shop where you can eat a full of ramen Jiro-like grated in Nakano.

Ramen shop Kaeru

The toppings are also the same, including vegetables and garlic. But this time, I did not add anything to the main body of the ramen. Instead, I asked for raw egg.

In Kaeru, raw eggs are provided in separate containers. There are 2 types of noodles, thick and thin. As the clerk visits you when you hand over the meal ticket, I asked for thick noodles.

Since it always tops onions and fats, the normal state is not a long time. When I saw the ramen that came out, I felt the same strange strange feeling as usual.

Ramen Kaeru's Ramen

When I ate it, after a long time, the default frog noodles were clean. The soup does not contain fat and does not emulsify. I feel that soy sauce is working and the fat that I'm kidding is light. Instead, the thickness and crispy texture of the noodles stand out.

It may be because you are accustomed to eating, but if you don't topping it, you will easily feel it. The noodles are sticky but the soup is quick. Furthermore, water comes out of crispy sprouts and cabbage, and adds lightness.

ramen, raw eggs

Having eaten to some extent, it is finally time for raw eggs. It melts in a bowl and is served in sukiyaki style. I strongly feel the richness of the yolk. When the eggs are running low, add some black pepper. When I ate for two, I added a bit of chili pepper and changed the taste.

Easy to eat, basic Kaeru ramen is also good.

Shop info:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,AM11:00-PM3:00、PM5:30-PM9:00

Outside of Saika, guidance on Miso Maze Soba

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There was a signboard at the storefront of ramen shops, Saika,located in Nakano Ramen Street. Miso is soba miso.


Saika is characterized by a delicious soup with fish flavor. Ramen and tsukemen are tasty shops. I am selling soba noodles. In addition, it is a shop that also features ramen with spicy features.

However, I did not know Mazesoba. It's not Abura(oil) Soba but a dare mermaid menu. Moreover, it is said to be miso flavor.

I'd like to try and find opportunities.

Shop info:5-55-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,AM11:30-PM2:30,PM8:00-11:00,Closed Monday

Yousuke, The Ramen Shop, start business on Wednesday

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Yousuke, The Ramen Shop, started business with two shops becoming one. A lot of pops are lining up in the shop. It is unique only at popular shops.

And, a conspicuous pop was attached to the place of the ticket vending machine.

Yousuke, The Ramen Shop

According to it, from December 5th, it is said that we started business on Wednesday. Up until now, the regular holiday was Wednesday, but it has gone. On Wednesday it is said that we will open it from AM11: 30 to PM5: 00. There is no break, and instead there is no business at night.

Although it is a popular shop, it is nice to be free. On the other hand there is convenience for the store. It would be appreciated if the shop assisted us conveniently.

Ramen Shop Yousuke
Add:5-57-2 Nakano Nakano Ward
Open Monday,Tues,Thursday AM11:30-PM4:00、PM6:00-AM1:00
Wednesday AM11:30-PM5:00
AM11:30-PM4:00、Friday,Saturday PM6:00-AM2:00

When passing throughTaishou-ken Nakano store, I noticed the store notice. It is a signboard to show you that the seasonal menu has started. Miso ramen, and miso applied noodles. I thought that it became a regular menu, but it was wrong. Miso series is seasonal limited, is not it?


Miso ramen has an image that soup and noodles are hot as compared with other kinds. This season when it gets cold, I want to eat somehow.

Since I ate miso soup noodle, I would like to challenge miso ramen next time.

Shop info:3-33-13 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3384-9234,AM11:00-PM3:00,PM6:00-PM11:00,Closed Sunday

A ramen shop,Sandaime, will open in Nakano Dori

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At Nakano Dori, a certain shop was preparing to open the store. There is a banner with a large QR code printed. A unique guide was done.

With information other than the QR code, "Sandaime",the third generation, Hi-Hana?, and icons like Ramen. It is a queue in Seoul, Busan, the United States.

A ramen shop,Sandaime, will open in Nakano Dori

Apparently it looked like a ramen shop. The place is near Mos Burger. At this point, the sum of Chinese dishes and Tsukemen are nearby.

It is far from JR Nakano station, but I would like to try it if I can. It is planned to open in November.

Address of Mos Burger near this shop:5-49-7 nakano Nakano Ward

Barasoba Ya, Fall 2018, limited-time menu

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Barasoba Ya at Nakano Ramen Street was showing signs at stores. It was the announcement of the limited-time menu which is deployed every season.

What I got this time was rich miso.

Barasoba Ya, Fall 2018, limited-time menu

As the season, it still has a hot day, it should be cooler from now on. Miso ramen is a perfect seasonal menu as the body warms up.

The sales period is from October 1st until March 31st. I feel a bit long. However, it is very kind of you to decide the time clearly and tell it.

Sure enough, I recommend you to eat spicy ground beef as a topping. I'd like to try and find opportunities.

Shop info:5-59-14 Nakano Nakano Ward

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